Termination of Door-to-Door Mailing

by Kindsey on January 26, 2014 - 7:35pm

For a couple a months, there have been rumours about ending the door-to-door mailing system. These rumours were validated before the holidays begun. The goal: abolish the postal system consisting of getting all of your mail at your front door and replacing it by community mailboxes and upping the price of stamps by more than sixty cents. This planned to be in effect in five years from today. The article "Postal Workers Stage Protest on Decision to End Door-to-Door Mail Delivery" by Andy Riga (January 26th, 2014), informs the reader that a thousand postal workers are heading to Ottawa to protest these new regulations. Of course if the new rules are established by 2019, most of the workers would lose their jobs since there will be no need for door-to-door mail workers. Yet, the changes are supposed to be very good to our economy, 700 million to 900 million dollars good per year. Therefore, the public’s opinion to this decision is not unanimous.


                Although many Canadians are pro this upcoming situation, others like the workers, our elders and people with reduced mobility wish that the door-to-door delivery system to stay in place. Since many Canadians now get their bills via internet there is definitely less mail, thus community mail would definitely be worth it. Nevertheless, should we not try to accommodate the people who have difficulty using internet and to whom it would be a chore to go to a community mailboxes? Maybe the best way will be to compromise. Perhaps zones that have more elderly inhabitants could keep their door-to-door mail delivery? This would be a win-win situation because, some workers could keep their jobs, the elderly wouldn’t have to move to pick up their mail and we would still save money, simply not as much. Hopefully the mail workers will be able to show how the termination of door-to-door delivery will affect them and the situation can be improved.

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