Standing up to inequality

by LP on February 9, 2014 - 9:07pm

In the article “Canadian cities to fly gay pride flags in Olympic protest” written February 6 2014, Allan Woods talks about the protest taking place in Montreal about gay rights that has been raised by the issue of Russia’s anti-gay laws. Montreal is one of many Canadian cities that have decided to raise the gay pride flag for the duration of the Olympics Games in recognition of all the gay and lesbian communities in Russia. The Mayor of Montreal, Coderre, talked about this matter saying that as a large metropolis he is concerned about the rights of members of the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community around the world. To raise awareness about the inequality, the Quebec government is planning to fly the flag at the Montreal’s Olympic stadium where the 1976 summer games were held. Pascal Bérubé, the Quebec Tourism Minister, confirmed that the mast of the Olympic Stadium will be illuminated in the colours of the gay pride flag. Several Canadian athletes have joined the pro allies group, this is a group consisting of pro athletes who help promote the mission to end homophobia and transphobia in sports, also called the Principle 6 campaign. This name is taken from the Olympic charter which says “any form of discrimination is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Rumors says that the campaign would consist of a six-finger salutes from athletes on the podium. The Quebec government and Montreal are taking great steps to raise awareness of this situation, but to improve this injustice we would need to show people that in 2014 we should not maltreat people. We’ve all been told that we should accept others just the way they are, even with their imperfections, so why should we let Russia get away with bullying people. We should not only focus on raising awareness about the anti-gays laws but we should also bring awareness to the unfairness towards gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.


Great topic! We are so lucky to live in such an accepting country. I personally know people who are gay and it breaks my heart to know that some people are still narrow minded and have this negative idea of others who are different from them. Everyone should be who they want to be, there is not a better feeling than knowing who you are, especially during teenage years when many are searching themselves, it’s great to hear that someone you know finally brought up the courage to accept themselves as a person and share it with the world. After searching on the topic, I found that we are not the only province to fly the flag (which is great!) and they will be flying the flag in Calgary at City Hall:

Great job! I wasn’t aware of this, and it was thoughtful of you to write about this particular issue. I absolutely agree with you. Everyone deserves the right to live the way they want, and they have the right to live for their own happiness. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender do have rights just as everyone else. Therefore, they should be respected and known in the community. It is in fact nice to know that Montreal is standing up for the gays in a different country. I believe we should all encourage others to be the same. The following link is about gay marriage in Montreal, I believe it may interest you. Hope you like it.

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