The Social Justice Committee of Montreal (SJC)

by tasiags on March 3, 2014 - 6:58am

The Social Justice Committee of Montreal is an independent Canadian organization that promotes social justice, based on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. It values equality, cooperation, inclusion, diversity, fairness, education, and advocacy. In other words, its mission is to sensitize the Canadian population to those that are “victims of social injustice” and to encourage them to get involved in opting for a “more socially just world”.   The major projects the organization is working on in 2014 is (1) the Safeguard policy and (2) the implementation of social action programs (through education) (awaiting email for further description of these programs as well as other projects). The volunteer opportunities that would be available for those wanting to help would be in the areas of: communication, marketing, social media (“SJC’s website, Facebook page, as well as email communication”), and fundraising. Also needed are human resource research developers, human resource activity developers, workshop facilitators, and workshop developers.

The contact person and information for the volunteer opportunities:

Phone: 514-933-6797


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