Should the Laws be Harsher for Killing an Innocent Person?

by VanessaPace on February 9, 2014 - 3:40pm

Raymond Ellis was killed in Montreal way back in the year of 2005 at an after-hours club. At this club he was attacked by a mob, mistaken to be a rival street gang member. The mob that attacked Ellis was at the club because one of their street gang member was killed and they were morning his death there. Ellis was a graduate of Dawson College and he was part of a clothing store business. He wasn’t tied to any street gangs at all. The two remaining out of seven men found guilty of being part of this killing got second degree murder charges. An appeal to this trial was placed by The Quebec Court, this had started in November. Some of the other individuals involved got a manslaughter charge and others got acquitted. No questions were asked by the jury involved, arguments for sentencing start as of Tuesday. The question that comes to mind is: should the charges be harsher for the seven people involved in this murder? , and I think they should have a harsher punishment. It isn’t fair that some of the people involved got acquitted. They were involved and deserve a punishment that is reasonable like first or second degree murder for all the people involved.


Article: “Last 2 of 7 men found guilty of manslaughter in 2005 killing of Raymond Ellis at club”

Writer: Paul Cherry

Date published: February 3rd, 2014.

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