School Shooting Kills Teacher

by VanessaPace on February 9, 2014 - 3:41pm

In Moscow, a student in the 10th grade barged into school armed with two riffles and killed his geography teacher and a police man. These killings happened in front of 20 students .No students were hurt in this shooting. It is said that shootings in Russian schools are rare cases that hardly ever occur. This attack brings back memories of the Beslan school siege for some individuals, but Mondays attack was not linked to terrorism .This Russian student threatened the security guard and then got into the school, this security guard got to press the alarm before following the student to his class room. He entered the class without saying a word and started to shoot his geography teacher. He was said to be a great student that was just going through an emotional breakdown period. After the student was put on the on phone with his father he came out of the school and the forces entered the school. “President Vladimir Putin responded to the shooting by saying that Russia should do a better job at providing a cultural education for its children.”. Cultural education is a good solution stated but will it help kids like this is the question. This would indeed have to be tested .This article links with the other one because they both talk about killings that people have done to innocent victims. They also both talk about change that needs to happen in order to fix this negative and dangerous situations.

Article: “Armed student kills teacher, policeman in Moscow school; his father helps free 20 students”

Writer: Lynn Berry

Date published: February 3, 2014


It's a sad situation regarding the circumstances...It's an ongoing issue all around the world and there needs to be an understanding on how this keeps occurring...Do they need to have security check points at schools and medical detectors? do they need to do psychological testing on students? I don't know what could help but tell schools to emphasize on telling students they are there for them. Possibly have a constant monthly school assembly to discuss issues? I think removing glass windows could help or create safe rooms in class rooms where it's only accessible from the inside. Create an automatic lock for class room doors that can be set of from an administrative class room....They need to make this a bigger deal in schools....

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