The Safety of Our Elders is Our Hands

by Kindsey on January 26, 2014 - 11:00am

On Thursday morning, January 23rd, tragedy struck the Quebec province. A seniors’ residence in L’Isle-Verte was ravaged by flames making three victims and about thirty unaccounted for. While the search for the bodies goes on in the freezing temperatures, the article "L’Isle-Verte seniors’ residence had fire-code violations flagged in 2011" by Aaron Derfel focuses on the reasons why the fire made so many deaths. Of course, the semi-autonomy of most residents can be blamed for most of the missing and deaths. However, in light of the disaster, the city outed that this very residence had more than one fire-code violation. Not only was the proper exit signalisation missing but the escape routes had not been displayed everywhere. Furthermore, emergency sprinklers were not set up in all of the Residence du Havre. Thus, it was impossible to slow the flames when the fire started.

            Although Résidence de Havre was gifted two "golden roses" from the Férération de l’Âge d’Or du Quebec for their good care of their residents, it clearly does not mean that their security measures are updated and well instilled. It would be time that the government finally does something to help the senior citizens; all too often deaths and errors occur in the residences. In the future, the violations signaled by the fire stations should be quickly revised and put in action as to secure all of our elders from possible tragic accidents. Moreover, if one or many violations were found, the residence should be inspected yearly instead of bi-yearly as to verify that the no lives could possibly be endangered by simple mistakes and oversights. Of course, this could increase some of the costs, but if it secures our grand-parents and parents whom are cared for in these residences, wouldn’t it be worth it?

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