A Referendum Soon?

by emilycao on February 9, 2014 - 10:52pm

In the article “‘We are going to make Quebec a country, our country’: Premier Pauline Marois promises white paper ‘on future of Quebec’” published on the National Post’s website on February 6, 2014, Kevin Dougherty talks about Pauline Marois’ speech on making Quebec a country. The Premier of Quebec is determined to win a majority government in order to achieve the Parti Québécois’ initial goal of Quebec becoming independent. Marois added that when Quebecers will want one, there would be a new referendum on Quebec leaving Canada. She also criticized Quebec Liberal leader Philippe Couillard for wanting to bring Quebec into the Canadian constitution by 2017, saying that it would not allow the province to keep its French language and its values. Rumor said that Marois wanted to call an early election since polls suggested that she could win a majority. However, the premier said that the opposition parties are the ones eager for a new election to defeat her government. Moreover, in her speech spoken on Wednesday February 5, Pauline Marois briefly talked about the charter of Quebec values and about jobs in Quebec.


Almost 20 years after the 1995 Quebec referendum, we hear about the possibility of a new one coming up soon. As CEGEP students who are turning adults, we are the next generation who can influence an important decision by fulfilling our duty to vote. The question now is whether we can be absolutely sure of our choice: is it better for Quebec to stay as a province in Canada or to become an independent country? It is important for each and every one to research on the pros and cons of both sides in order to make a rational decision when it will be time to vote.


Good summary. You put every important parts of the article in your post and make us want to read more of it. We should all try to see the good and the bad of such a decision in order to make the best one. Personally, I believe that we should be independent in order to better protect our culture. Since this article mainly deals with the sovereignist side of the question, it would be good to also look up the federalist side of it. This article talks more about Couillard's point of view (http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Couillard+blasts+toxic+regime+threat...).

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