Referendum, again?

by gabriel_heuvelink on February 9, 2014 - 10:46pm

The article “Marois promises ‘white paper’ on Quebec’s future at election-style rally” by Kevin Dougherty published on February 6th 2014 by the Montreal Gazette deals with the can of worms that is the referendum on Quebec sovereignty. Marois, Quebec’s current Premier stated that a referendum will happen, but only if Quebecers want one. She followed by criticizing the Liberal Party’s plan to sign the constitution in the name of Quebec, thereby “locking itself” into Canada and failing to protect the French language and culture. Separatism is a hot topic in Quebecois culture because it just keeps coming back. Should Marois be successful in creating another referendum, it would be the third since 1980. Interestingly, the same phenomenon is happening in Scotland. The Scottish people, unlike Quebec, were peacefully united with England in 1707, and after the 300 year union, wish to govern themselves, and although the British government is opposed to the idea, it has allowed the Scottish parliament to follow through with the referendum without too much hubbub. However, here in Quebec we seem more apt to argument not only between provincial and federal governments, but also between political parties in the province, who are at two extremes, with the Parti Quebecois proposing separation, and the Liberal Party proposing absolute fusion. It seems that instead of bickering and fighting, an accord should be made between the federal and provincial governments. 


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