Rape, the New Form of Punishment

by DanielaSpinelli on January 25, 2014 - 1:25pm

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   The article written by The Associated Press on January 24, 2014 titled “India court orders probe into gang rape order” reveals the gruesome events that took place in West Bengal. A women was countlessly gang raped as “punishment for falling in love” with a man what was not part of her village or religion. The known thirteen suspects including the head of their village council were arrested Thursday January 23, 2014.  The women claims that the assaulters tied her and her lover to a tree and ordered them to pay a fine of $450 however, once they discovered she was unable to pay they rape her several times.

   One cannot interfere with religion for it is a right to practice what you believe however it is inhumane to allow for such abusive acts to take place in any part of the world. To see rape fit as a punishment is completely insane. Regardless that the women was disobeying the “rule” to marry and love someone of the same religion or culture it is cruel and wrong to inflict harm upon this women or anybody for that matter. India as a whole should enforce the law that physical or mental abuse upon women or men is unacceptable.  Punishment and torture is frowned upon all around the world and have countless laws that forbid any acts of it. The women of India are no different from the rest of the population and should be treated as equal regardless of their religion or culture for the sole reason that one’s safety is not based on culture or religion.  By enforcing more “zero tolerance for violence or crimes” law will surely reduce the rape rates in India.


I loved your article! It was well written and it was obvious that you were passionate while offering your solution to this sickening problem. After reading this article I was reminded of this other article I read about the mistreatment of women in the Middle East : http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Enter+world+Muslim+women/9429434/story.... . I hope that with the growing awareness off the mistreatment of women abroad we can help make a difference in the world!

Interesting article summary you wrote, provided detail and good information. This article reminded me of another crime of rape that happened back in 2012 , also situated in India . A woman had been gang raped on a moving bus and it is very similar to this story you have written. Her friend tried to help her but got hit and knocked unconscious . It's crazy how stuff like this can be happing in public areas around many people. I agree that this this totally unacceptable and something should be done in order to stop these gruesome crimes . Enforcing more “zero tolerance for violence or crimes” that you stated is a very good solution that would help stop some of these crime. Law should become stricter and there should be no tolerance for these crimes.

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