The PAQ Organization

by DanielaSpinelli on April 9, 2014 - 8:50pm

The news article posted on The Gazette titled “Projets Autochtones du Quebec: ‘Culturally safe space’ provides warmth and friends ear” written by Jan Ravensbergen on December 30, 2012 aims to bring awareness to some of the issues that the Montreal, Chinatown PAQ organization branch is struggling with. The PAQ is constantly receiving more and more aboriginals in need of their support. The article mentions that the PAQ is housing aboriginals that are suffering from the following; sexual abuse, conjugal violence, physical abuse, addictions and without doubt, homelessness. The PAQ cannot simply make their patient’s problems go away but they still strive to provide them with hot meals, a warm bed, and friendly staff. The article mentions that the major issue the aboriginals are facing is that they have lived through these childhood traumas and their only hope is to make their way to an organization that can provide them with a positive environment and a safer shelter. The aboriginals are just looking for a place to call home, a place where the can feel safe and comfortable enough to have their traditions, speak in their native language, and gain a sense of identity. The PAQ, as mentioned in the article, has been successful in giving aboriginals a home but the organization is in need of volunteers who are willing to continue to provide a healthy environment. 


Thank you so much for the great read. I will be looking into this organization further

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