My Volunteering Experience for Moisson Montreal

by VanessaPace on May 12, 2014 - 7:11pm

On April 30th, 2014 I volunteered at the organization called “Moisson Montreal” from 12:30am to 3:30pm.  When I had first arrived at this organization they showed a short clip of 5 minutes and talked to us volunteers about their goals and objectives , which were to provide food  to organizations in need.They supply food to over 50 organizations around the Montreal area.


Before volunteering we had to put on gloves, shoe cover ups, and a plastic cover up. When volunteering for this organization they made us volunteer’s sort out tons boxes of fruits and vegetables, I placed the good ones into other boxes and then it got shipped off to the organizations.With the remaining bad food we were told to put it into the compost bin that the organization uses to produce soil. They also made me sort out and stack many loafs of bread. Sorting through all this food and stacking food took me a total of 3h30 to do with the help of other volunteers.


All semester in my NewsActivism class I have been writing about crime and law. At the beginning of this course I got interested in writing about crime and law because I’m in the program of criminology and know about such topics. Also writing about my first news summary on laws and warfare also intrigued me into this topic. This organization links to my topic because poverty and malnutrition is one of the leading factors of why individuals commit crimes. By helping this organization provide food to other organizations is helping suppress this issue of poverty, malnutrition and crime. This organization also sends their food to organizations that are all about helping to stop crimes such as “Piamp”. I had messaged this organization in order to find out if the food they receive from the “Moisson Montreal” appears to make a difference in the people they service at their organization and if they think it helps reduce the crime that these individuals are involved in. I still have not received a reply but if and when I do I will update this post to incorporate their answers to the questions. I really enjoyed volunteering for this organization and was happy that I was able to help a cause that helps many individuals in need.



I think that this organization is useful for the society because it helps organizations to provide food to people who are not able to find some. In several cities, people are fighting and sometimes killing each others to have something to eat. The action that you did ,on April 30th, will help a lot of people that needs help; I am sure. Your volunteering activity is the most interesting I think because you were able to relate crimes and nutrition. I am sure you did a great job at Moisson Montreal and maybe the number of crimes will reduce because of your action.

It is fun to see that you but yourself out there to volunteer for an organization like this. Society needs people like you who are generous enough to give some time away for the benefit of others. What Moisson Montreal is doing to help out is very important because food is obviously a necessary need for everyone, but yet not everyone is able to get enough. Personally, I volunteered at the Old Brewery Mission to help out the homeless of Montreal by serving them meals during supper. Similarly to me, I think you've also helped the cause of homelessness in Montreal by providing food to people that are less fortunate and this goes a long way to solving the issue. Good work!

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