Mothers Against Drunk Driving

by tasiags on March 3, 2014 - 7:00am

MADD is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization that has as its main goal to stop impaired driving and to provide support for those that are victims of this crime. They believe that impaired driving isn’t an accident, but rather a conscious decision to drive under the influence. Through public awareness, laws, legislation, serious enforcements and repercussions, they are convinced that impaired driving can be stopped. The major projects the organization is working on in 2014 are (1) recommending federal legislation on mandatory roadside breath testing and (2) expanding victim outreach (in hospitals, schools, funeral homes, etc.). The volunteering opportunities available would be: victim services, fundraising, pamphlet distribution, class presentations, media monitoring, media relations, helping with website/Facebook, school assembly show promotion (English and French), class presentations, public awareness, and many more. Donations are used to support programs (training, research, resources), as well as raise public awareness. For those wanting to help, they should contact their “local Chapter or Community Leader”, which will enable them to be informed about the events and activities in local community. Here is the link to find your “local Chapter/Community Leader”:

Tel: 514-729-6233  



Unfortunately I know somebody that was killed by a drunk driver.. I know the pain and agony of life being taken. I think that MADD does a wonderful job promoting what they are trying to conquer...I think they need to set up more billboards that promote the issues of Drunk Driving, Reach out to primetime networks and news anchors to ask them show more commercials regarding Drunk Driving. Maybe in the future they could come up with an app on your phone or in your vehicle that ask or requires you to take a breathalyzer test and will only unlock your vehicle when you are sober etc..I have donated to this's amazing what they do.

I believe that organizations such as MADD are amazing and should definitely grow over time. At my high school we had something similar called SADD, which is students against drunk driving. My high school definitely promoted that organization by putting fliers on all the bathroom stalls and having guest speakers come and speak about their experience with drunk driving and the terrible damage it can cause. Unfortunately a few years ago my brother was in a car accident caused by someone under the influence of alcohol. Thankfully nobody was hurt and it was only a minor accident, but that doesn’t make the situation okay. Many people die from drunk drivers everyday and my brother could’ve been one of many victims. Many people lose loved ones because people make the dumb mistake by getting into their car after having a few drinks. A person driving under the influence is more common than people think and these people should be more aware of this as well. Having organizations such as MADD and SADD are perfect ways to address these problems and the more people are aware of these situations, the less people become victim to an easily prevented death.

This article is very precise and informative. I very quickly was able to learn what the organization was about and the goals they hope to achieve.
Driving under the influence has become an ever-growing issue in our society. No matter how often we hear about the loved ones lost to drunk-driving accidents, we continue to hear about the numerous people who choose to drive drunk anyways. This really hit home for me when I lost a friend in high school to a drunk-driving accident. It was not until that day that I had ever really thought about the whole concept. The social location, the time and place, the friendship, concurrently altered the way I thought about people who chose to drive under the influence.
It should not take a devastating accident to serve as a wake-up call. Although everyone knows they should not drink and drive, some people may not be fully aware of the consequences and therefore should be educated. Had my friend been better educated she may not have gotten in the car with a drunk driver. Organizations like MADD are making huge strides to inform people of all ages of the dangers of driving under the influence.

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