Montreal’s kids are overweight

by tasiags on February 9, 2014 - 8:21pm

The article “Child obesity a growing problem in Montreal: study”, published January 22, 2009 by CBC News addresses the issue of the rise in childhood obesity in Montreal. In fact, according to a study by Quebec’s statistics institute, children living in the Montreal area are fatter than those residing in the suburbs. Conversely, the study revealed that more than 20% of children aged from birth to seven were overweight in Montreal, in comparison to 13% in other regions in Quebec. Lise Dubois, co-author of the study, suggests that poverty is the main factor for obesity, but that smoking during pregnancy is also an important factor as children born from smoking mothers are 8% more likely of being overweight by the age of seven. Obese parents (family history), sleep deprivation, overconsumption of soft drinks, as well as lack of fruits and vegetables were also noted as elements that may increase one’s risk to be overweight. Dubois claims that childhood obesity is worrisome as it is associated with several health risks, such as Type 2 diabetes.

Despite the fact that this article is over five years old, it is still extremely relevant as our health should always be a concern. Thus, the importance of raising awareness and education with children, as well as parents, of the risks associated with childhood obesity are definitely a step towards success. Ensuring healthy nutrition and sleep habits, as well as promoting physical activity are also components that could help combat this issue. 


Great summary of the article, it’s just the great length: short enough to keep me captivated and long enough to give me enough information to keep me satisfied. But I would have liked a more recent article. But altogether, GREAT job! I found this article which compares current obesity statistics with statistics from the past, it’s an interesting article published by the University of Laval:

I really enjoyed reading your article. It is essential that everyone takes good care of their health through a healthy diet and daily exercises. Child obesity is a growing issue, especially in America. One of the main reasons is definitely all the fast food centers found in northern America. We can find a variety of food in all the restaurants and buffets; however we often neglect the fact that it is very unhealthy. Hopefully, your article will allow people to be aware of the circumstances. In fact, I started working out on a daily basis after reading and hearing a lot about the dangers of eating junk food and not being physically active. Here is another article I read online and it deals about obesity in Britain:

This is a really important topic children in this generation are becoming overweight. Once you start young it becomes a struggle to get out of an overweight body. Parents must be aware of their children's eating habits, as well they should now know not to smoke during pregnancy. It's a shame that there are some families who can't afford to feed their children healthy food. Something must be done for those in need. Another thing that contributes to youth obesity is technology. Tons of video games and television hours contribute to children obesity. It used to be going outside and playing with friends now these children are spending their times indoors in front of a t.v or playing video games together. In order for these things to change I believe parents should be more aware of these habits and take their children out for activities like going to the park as often as they can. This will contribute to more active habits for their children as they get older.

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