Montreal Walks for Mental Illness

by S.Abate on February 8, 2014 - 12:19pm

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The fifth annual Montreal Walks for Mental Illness took place on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 in Philips Square where the cause is aiming towards raising awareness surrounding the issue of mental health, while fighting to rid the world of the stigma that follows this issue. The organizers of this event say that at least 1 of 5 Canadians suffer from mental health issues at least once in their lifetime. It was a 5KM walk, free participation, but donations were welcome. All money raised by the event was divided in order to support four projects in different organizations. The negative stigma on mental health issues is definitely something that deserves to be brought to light. Not many people realize how mental health issues are looked down on, and not taken seriously. These protests and walks are good ways to draw attention towards this subject. Hopefully their efforts will continue to work and people will wake up and realize that mental health is one of the most important things in our society, and should not be taken lightly. 


I really like the subject of your article since I have been focusing on depression in athletes this week. It’s a subject that I hold to heart because I know more than a few people with depression, one of the most common mental illnesses. Not many people consider mental health issues as actual illnesses; instead they think that it’s all invented because you want to get out of work or school. I agree that something must be done since this entire "negative stigma" does not help a person recover. You probably heard about Clara Hughes, spokesperson for Bell Canada’s mental health awareness campaign. This woman as well as other famous athletes participated in a documentary about depression to increase awareness about this mental illness:

Montreal Walks for mental illness
In the article Montreal Walks for Mental Illness, the author talks about a walk that took place in Montreal for helping people with mental illnesses. This walk was a 5km walk and it was a walk that was free but donations were highly appreciated. All proceeds were going to a mental illness foundation. I find this article very good because mental illness is such a big problem in today’s society and people need to spread the word. I having lost someone to whom I was very close to because of mental illness, this big problem that is among us needs to be heard because once that it is heard, then people can take even bigger steps into finding a cure for this illness. Very good article.

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