Memories of Homeless Man Shot in Montreal

by gregpdesrosiers on February 6, 2014 - 6:09pm

As discussed in CTV Montreal’s “Brother of Montreal shooting victim says his family is destroyed” published on February 5th, 2014, a man is distraught of losing his family when his brother was shot by Montreal police. Alain Magloire engaged in a commotion at a hostel regarding deposit, then started breaking windows with a hammer. Police originally requested for a Taser, but it was coming in too slow, and so they killed him with a single shot.

Alain Magloire started out having to skip two grades in schooling, but was able to earn a master’s degree in biochemistry. His future turned around in 2006 when he was intoxicated by ecstasy and then began living on the streets. He and Pierre attempted to get help, but was not able to get a psychiatrist in hand since Alain was too smart to have his case taken seriously. In the end, Pierre thinks that Montreal police do not have enough training to deal people with mental health problems.

What I think should be improved from this is how Montreal deals with people who have such mental problems. There are several organizations around the island that fit for that purpose. Still, one concept that I think some psychologists would want to start thinking about is, regardless of how smart people can be, if they do have behavior or stress problems, it’s best to listen to them than assess how they would be able to cope with the problems on their own. Drugs also matter as well; we shouldn’t assume that people who are smart will always take the decision of rejecting the drug. It’s best to consider the person’s entire environment, and pinpoint where the problem is coming from before finding ways to be treated. Finally, what about the relation between people with mental problems and the police? As an ethical dilemma, can’t they be a little more empathetic towards them, or is it really not fair to provide them some handicap aids and penalties not as serious as regular people?

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