Meeting His Guardian Angel Six Years Later

by emilycao on January 31, 2014 - 12:00am

On the National Post’s website, the article “Six years after a stranger talked him out of a suicide bridge jump, London man finally gets to say thank you” published on January 30, 2014 by Harry Wallop, talks about Jonny Benjamin and his savior Neil Laybourn. Six years ago, Mr. Laybourn was walking across Waterloo Bridge, in London, when he stopped Mr. Benjamin from jumping. They talked to each other for about 25 minutes until the police took Mr. Benjamin to the hospital. Ever since that day, Mr. Laybourn, a 31-year-old personal trainer, thought a lot about the young man and wondered what had happened to him. With the help of the Rethink Mental Illness charity, Mr. Benjamin, 26, started a campaign to find the stranger who saved him. Through the social media Facebook, Mr. Laybourn’s fiancée was able to recognize him in the description of “Mike”, the nickname given for the stranger. This week, the two men reunited in a room above a pub and Mr. Benjamin was able to thank his savior after all these years. Mr. Benjamin says that he is not trying to romanticize their story since not all suicide attempts are avoided by bystanders. However, it is important to prove that there will always be someone to support you and listen to you.


News about suicides is always saddening and often the entourage of the victim is oblivious of what the person felt. After hearing about suicides, we wish we could have done something about it. We can always spread positive energy around us and sometimes, only a smile or a greeting can brighten someone’s day. Smile to strangers, talk to someone who doesn’t look well, listen to your friends’ worries; you never know whose life you can change!


Very interesting article, your post is clear and straight forward. I really think suicides are a very taboo topic and are also very sad. Sometimes for some reason we don't feel well, we are angry at somebody and we might think of really mean things to say to that person, however it is very important to think before talking. Moreover, some people have a high esteem of themselves other don't and if those get picked on to often it could eventually lead to people wanting to kill themselves and you don't want to be the bully that pushed a human to his end. Therefore I confirm that smiling to strangers and being there for your friends might really convince somebody that he is loved and useful; every little attention can do a lot of good to an individual.
On another hand, very sadly a good friend of mine's cousin killed herself very recently, it was such a shock for everyone that taught she was doing perfectly fine before they discovered that she ingested a huge quantity of pills and died. Even if all her friends and boyfriend could feel extremely guilty about what happened to her, they weren't the cause at all. In fact, she killed herself because she was having so much pressure to succeed in school, love and work that she couldn't hold it anymore. Where I am heading? Although sometimes somebody might appear completely normal, he could be hiding something deep inside and therefore it is very crucial to talk with people, tell them about our problems and concerns because when someone holds everything deep inside one day it just explodes. And there aren't always people at the right place right time, to save you.

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