"Judge Me Not By the Colour of My Skin..."

by reillymccambridge on January 26, 2014 - 8:09pm

In an article entitled titled “A Racist Turn in India” by Nilanjana S. Roy we get an inside look of the problems of India and where the blame is being put. At one time many Africans lived happily in New Delhi, making the community more diverse and rich in culture. They lived in harmony with the natives of the capital, until a man who was rumored to be a Nigerian national involved in the drug trade was found dead in Goa. After this discovery locals became very suspicious and hostile towards any Africans living in India. It was common to see signs reading things like “We want peace in Goa. Say no to Nigerians. Say no to drugs”, and it got worse. A state minister released a statement in which he compared Nigerians to cancer. The controversy spread like wildfire across the country reaching as far as New Delhi, which is 1,200 miles away from Goa. The author even offers a first-hand account of the racism present in India, one night a police officer questioned him about the African people living in his apartment building because the officer received a report from a resident about suspicious Africans living in the building. It wasn’t done there, as the controversy spread and became more popular so did the complaints about suspicious neighbors. One murder became the reason for racial profiling and the terrorization of Africans living in India. Reports suggest that the city’s law minister, Somnath Bharti along with a group of vigilantes, raided the homes of Africans living in New Delhi without a warrant. Within the chaos a Ugandan woman was ordered to give a urine sample in the middle of the street in plain view.  This re-birth of racism towards the African people in India was sparked by one single murder, of a man that surely did not have ties to every last African situated across India. Needless to say, many of the Africans have left the country because of the constant racism they were victim of.


                I see this prejudice and shake my head, but then I realise how things like this are taking place all around us even today, her in Canada. Although the extent isn’t as extreme, racism still exists in the Western world. Just months ago the Trayvon Martin case wrapped up, the story that captured the attention of the entire world. It’s sad to see racism like this in our communities. I encourage everyone to try to learn more about other cultures and peoples because this is the only solution to the racial hate in our communities. Racism and prejudice is brought on by ignorance and fear, the only way for acceptance to be widespread is to teach. This problem is one that is important to me because I hate to see people being cut down and put at a disadvantage because of the color of their skin. It is essential to teach the public, so go out and read up on the different cultures and peoples the Earth has to offer!