The Issue with Rights

by charlesvbm on May 15, 2014 - 12:02pm

Abstract : The issue with Rights


In this essay here, the subject that is  talked about is consumer rights and how it is not being respected. It is an ongoing issue because of faulty products that are not being reported.  This has lead to deaths because of the truth not being out. The main problem that is being stated is that consumer rights are not being respected. During the course of the text, I will compare consumer rights with three other texts. The texts are HCCC Inquiry Into False Or Misleading Information, Road manslaughter - or just the cost of progress?. Emerging Health Threats and Introduction: Human Rights and Global Corporations. With the help of these texts, it can help us realize that there is a problem.


After reading your abstract and looking through the articles you provided, it made me realise that there is in fact a problem with consumer rights. The government or companies should make us aware of these rights and placing more laws preventing people of getting hurt. The issue with your abstract though is that it is very vague and does not show any signs of your arguments.

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