Innocent or Guilty?

by VanessaPace on February 2, 2014 - 3:54pm

In Florence, Italy an American girl named Amanda Knox and her Ex-boyfriend were convicted and found guilt of murder for the second time, for the murder of their roommate Meredith .They shared an apartment together where they were studying, in Perugia. This case previously had gone through three levels of trial/judgment. From that came many different and bias verdicts. In their first trial they were convicted of murder, then they got acquitted by the court. They then had to undergo another trial from Italy’s highest court. Since the acquittal Amanda has been living in her home town of Seattle. She claims to be scared to go back to Italy because they can convict her once again as they did previously. Her lawyers argued that there is unsubstantial evidence to convict her. Vieri Fabiani said “This case has no winners or losers, it’s a tragedy that involves four young people and an act that was clearly not premeditated”. In this case the only way for improvement is to look at Italy’s law system, something has to change .They are using an act that isn’t premeditated in this case for these individuals. The Jury’s verdicts have been up and down since day one claiming guilt, then acquittal. This isn’t right at all, but this case can be seen from various sides and everyone may have a different opinion.

Article :  " Amanda Knox is re- convicted of murder in Italy"

Writer : Elisabetta Povoledo

Date published : January 30th , 2014.


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