How Safe Are Schools?

by DanielaSpinelli on January 23, 2014 - 6:02pm

CNN Article link and video:

   The article linked above titled “Ex-student calls teacher over alleged sex abuse, posts talk on YouTube” written by  Holly Yan, Cheri Mossburg and Janet DiGiacomo  published on January 21, 2014 is about a now 28 year old  Jamie who was sexually abused by her female middle school teacher. No less than 16 years later Jamie decides to confront her teacher and post a video on YouTube to expose this sexual predator. Jamie explains the her teacher at the time brainwashed her into believing nobody loved her nor her friends or her family and that her teacher was all she’s got. Jamie who was 12 at the time refused any sexual relationship with her teacher until she was threatened to be the cause of her teachers’ suicide if she did not agree to the sexual acts. Once the video went worldwide the middle school teacher and now sex offender resigned. When asked why Jamie revealed her sexual abuse she states that she didn’t want other children to fall victim to her teachers brainwashing.  

   Children are constantly learning right from wrong especially in schools beginning from such a young age. Children learn to depend on their teachers and view schools as a home away from home. A home is not a place to live in fear and experience traumatic events that will bring pain and suffering. In order to prevent sexual abuse in school students, or children rather, should feel comfortable enough to talk to a counselor. Unfortunately, a counselor is not present in every school therefore this should be changed. Possible assemblies could be arranged to have public speakers stress the issue that if one is ever in trouble it is okay to speak up and seek help.

   By bringing awareness to the children in schools about speaking up and providing them with information about a professional student teacher relationship will surely reduce sexual abuse in schools.  If ever the case of sexual abuse by a teacher were to happen students would not have to wait until they no longer feel powerless to speak up and defend themselves. 


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