A hope for a peaceful precedent

by Kiss on January 30, 2014 - 5:12pm

Lately I have been examining the conflict in Ukraine trying to understand what may have lead for the decision or the motivations behind different characters. By analysing the individuals I came to see a striking similarity to the conflict in the middle commonly referred to as "the Arab spring".

What started as a peaceful protest in the capital suddenly ignited in an armed revolution and in the past week, cities to the east have also joined the movement. If the revolution continues we might see some major reforms in the ex-soviet states. Yet, the conflict has only seen fighting between police officers and protestors but if the president would call a state of emergency, especially since his PM's and cabinet have resigned, the country would be torn apart. I can only hope that things in Ukraine will take another road from the one the Middle East took in 2011. That would set a precedent for eastern European countries that would be caught in the turmoil to resolve matter as a united people.

Original article: WALDIE, Paul. "The Globe in Kiev: Parliament offers conditional amnesty to protesters" . Published January 29, 2014. The Globe and Mail.

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