Homelessness in Montreal Set To Improve?

by SO on January 26, 2014 - 8:50pm

An interesting article came to my attention a couple days ago. The article in question, Opinion: Better treatment for the mentally ill will reduce homelessness, found in The Gazette, addresses how the number of homeless individuals could be improved. About two weeks ago, the Montreal Health Agency made the access to hospital aid easier for homeless people. The author, Matthew Pearce, states that 40 to 50% of homeless people are affected by a form of mental illness, which is often the reason of their life in the streets. The CHUM Department of Psychiatry and The Old Brewery Mission opened a new place where homeless men could go to receive help for their mental illnesses. Many are working hard to assure that the project grows and succeeds. Already, a man is set to be released soon from quick mental improvement. The project is expected to be less costly then to leave these men in the streets on their own. 


As the author suggests, Montreal should invest in programs to help the homeless. If others believe this new approach to homelessness is a great idea, one can submit an article to their favourite newspaper addressed to the mayor explaining their interest in the subject and maybe this will encourage others to do the same. Such programs can only help our town flourish. And I doubt anyone will complain from less homeless people sleeping on park benches.



Article name: Opinion: Better treatment for the mentally ill will reduce 

Author: Matthew Pearce

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