History just repeats itself!

by sophiaroseglt on February 9, 2014 - 9:20pm

As described in the article Deporting Mexican mother discourages abused women from seeking help, activist say by Michelle Lalonde on january 31, 2014 after running away from her native Mexico, Ivonne Hernandez now 41 arrived in Montreal in hopes of a better life. She had arrived in Canada asking for refugee status running away from a violent relationship with a police officer which made her fear for her life. Her claim had been refused in 2011 but by that time she was married to a native Montreal man and was pregnant. When her refugee claim was refused the first time she filed a statement for domestic violence against her spouse and as a result has lost the custody of her now 13-month-old baby. It took many months of preparation and consultation with social workers in order to allow Hernandez to leave the house with the baby. Hernandez fears for the health of her child in the hands of the father and refuses to be deported without her son. The judge has awarded the father sole custody of their newborn and has allowed the mother two visit per week for a total of eight hours per week. Hernandez was victim of a public ambush by the immigration services at the berry-UQAM metro on January 22 when Hernandez was coming to get her son for her visiting hours. She was release soon after but is ordered to be deported back to Mexico where she still fears for her life.

But there is hope; the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the deportation in order to give her the opportunity to regain custody of her 13 months old son. Not many knows the repercussion deporting Hernandez has on an international level because Canada is always invited to international forums to promote all their actions they do for woman rights therefore this case may result in a loss of credibility for Canada. Canada is also prone to many international sanctions because of the deportation because many international conventions say: “women have to right to safety, regardless of their immigration status.”

After getting informed on this kind of situation I realized that it happens a lot that woman get deported back to their native country where they are persecuted. Fortunately in the case previously discussed in A Flash From the Past, the government pleaded in favour of the defendant and granted the asylum to young Fauziya Kasinga in 1996. It is a shame the Canadian government promotes acceptance on an international level but when it comes down to concrete cases they turn their heads and refuse to help the most unfortunate.

In 1996 the United State government pleaded in favour to help the young Kasinga out of an unfortunate situation let’s just hope the Canadian government can do the same in 2014 for Hernandez.


First off, your summary is really good. It deals with the main issue and also makes references to similar events that happened in the past. The only thing is that I don't feel like I can really help. Personally, I think that we should create a petition in hope that the government might do something. As you said, the White House helped the young Kasinga and maybe the House of Commons will do the same. Look up this article (http://globalnews.ca/news/1127670/mexican-mother-can-stay-in-montreal-un...) if you're interested in seeing the mother speaking to the press. Heartbreaking.

thank you so much for the video! i really appreciate it. and i too find it shattering!!

I think the idea of a petition is a great idea! A mother should definitely be able to see her child and i think the government should do something about that instead of deporting her.

This article was actually heart wrenching. I agree with the other three post far as petitions. I'm not familiar with the laws in Canada, but it seems as if Ivonne Hernandez is going through the proper channels, but the article was not clear far as the progress of her court hearing, and if she's allowed to stay, does she has family or supporters.

I agree with the others, this article definitely breaks your heart. I think the mother should be able to see her child instead of having her deported. I wish the government there would take a bigger stand against her issue and try to help her out more. It said in 1996 the government helped another person out of an unfortunate situation, so hopefully they can do the same for her today. I also thought it was strange how Canada is so for woman's rights yet it seems as though they aren't with their own people. Interesting? I think the police and who ever else should be praising her for escaping from an abusive relationship and asking her if she is okay and helping her get the proper help and guidance she needs instead of making her situation worse.

This article is truly devastating. A mother should not be kept away from her child. I think the government should allow her to stay and meet her child instead of deporting her. Since you mentioned similar situations where government was able to help, lets hope that the government can offer this poor lady a helping hand as well. It is unfortunate that these things happen and no one can help except he government. Looking at her abusive background, the government should support instead of deporting her. Really sad and heart breaking.

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