Help that hinders

by tasiags on April 23, 2014 - 9:57pm


Published on April 2, 2014, the article “Toronto police arrest 2 for elder abuse, fraud” by CBC News, clearly addresses the issue of elders being used and abused for financial reasons. More precisely, it tackles the issue of elder financial abuse where a couple from Toronto apparently defrauded Norma Marshall, an elderly woman of 94 years old, of all her life savings.

The victim explains that the whole incident began almost 4 years ago when she hired Vera Nunes, a 32 year old woman, as a housekeeper to help her in her day-to-day activities. Gradually, Nunes gained access to Marshall’s bank account. It seems that one day Nunes came in with her husband and family and decided to take possession of Marshall’s “den” while moving her into a smaller room.

It was a deliveryman from a local pharmacy that first realized that something was wrong. He arrived at Marshall’s apartment for her weekly delivery and noticed that a stranger answered the door. A week later, the deliveryman insisted on seeing Marshall who, he claims, looked frightened and wasn’t able to look him in the eyes. It was then that he knew something was officially wrong, so he contacted to pharmacist who then called the police. However, by that time, all of Marshall’s possessions, such as her jewelry and furniture, had been sold and all of her life savings (approximately $25,000) had vanished. 

Marshall claims that it violated her trust and that the emotional damage is even worst since, as you get older, you don’t really need a lot of money, however, you do “need people around you”.

The couple, Nunes and her husband, currently faces several charges, such as theft, fraud, and “being unlawfully in a dwelling”. 


It's things like this that really disgust me and also makes me wonder if the individual, Nunes, had some sort of compulsive disorder that led her to these actions. Although i don't really know the full story or Nunes side of the story, she does demonstrate some signs of Kleptomania, which is a mental disorder that causes a recurrent failure to resist urges to steal things, therefore unless proven guilty of her crimes, Nunes could be suffering from Kleptomania.
(but this should be a lesson for all to do background checks on people before hiring them)

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