Heart Problems Affected by Depression

by Kindsey on April 14, 2014 - 1:39pm

In the article “Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by teen years” by the University of South Florida (USF Health), a recent study done by Jonathan Rottenberg, Professor of Psychology, shows that children with depression are more likely to have heart diseases early on. The Science Daily articles states that it was an already known fact that depression is linked with heart problems for adults. However, what was discovered was that a child who has depression not only has a greater probability of getting a heart condition, his parents are more likely to have heart problems too. The exact results of the study are not out yet, but how interesting they will be.

                Since “heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women”, it is very frightening to imagine what can happen with people being affected by heart problems so early on. Maybe getting a good grasp of childhood depression could reduce the deaths by heart diseases!


This post caught my attention because the issue of depression and heart disease is universal. I hope to find a nonprofit organization that deals with depression and overall heart health.

Heart disease a big problem it’s not the best thing to have even if the person is an adult. To have heart problems as a child because of depression is a serious matter. Depression effects the activity of the brain enough as it is, so to find that children as young as 8 years old getting a heart condition is horrible.
As someone who has depression and a family history of heart diseases that can affect me on both sides of my family it just makes it worse. My family history has so many cardiovascular related diseases that it’s not funny at all; enlarge heart, hypertension etc. Issues like this makes it worth having people do research and other methods to try to help the situation. This type of issue was what attracted me to your post.

This article is astonishing! I could have never believed that depression could lead to heart problems. This is a very serious issue. It is very well-written since it goes straight to the important facts. Heart disease is a very scary problem and thinking that it can now affect kids with depression is even scarier. This must change! We must lower the number of kids with depression.

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