The Great Debate

by reillymccambridge on February 9, 2014 - 6:20pm

Henri Brun, a former Supreme Court judge chose to speak out on the Charter of Values proposed by the provincial government. He stated that while he believes that this Charter will bring years of conflict and trouble he still thinks that it shouldn’t be dropped. Brun, along with a group of pro-charter lawyers who go by the name of “Juristes pour la laïcité et la neutralité religieuse de l’État” believe that the charter is constitutional and valid. According to the beliefs of this group faith is a personal matter that should not be forced upon anyone nor displayed in public.  Another former Supreme Court judge Louise Arbour; who also worked as the United Nations High Commissioner wrote in La Presse “Let us remember how easy it is to restrict the freedom of others, especially when this initiative comes at no cost to those who advocate it,”. This offered another view of the proposed charter and its consequences, she also mentioned the history of discrimination that has taken years upon years to heal; hinting at the discrimination Jehova Witnesses faced while Maurice Duplessis was in power. Finally, the Université de Montreal Rector chose to give a statement regarding the charter saying that they would rather see more diversity in campus rather than discrimination.

Personally I believe that this charter will restrict the rights and freedoms of certain people, as Louise Arbour said, it is easy to restrict the freedom of other when the enforcers are not subject to significant change. I’d rather see more news about people coming together to spread culture and diversity across the city of Montreal. The problem here is that the government is not considering the opinion of all citizens, they are only considering the benefits for a fraction of the population. We should be embracing the opportunity to have a widely diverse society, the more diverse a society the deeper the culture. Instead of limiting diversity we should be promoting it, holding events where people are encouraged to participate in spreading their own culture and learning about the other cultures around them.

Original Article:

“Charter hearings hear from Université de Montréal, former Supreme Court judge”

Caroline Plante, Global News, Feb. 7th 2014.