Gang Rape in India

by catherinefournier on January 26, 2014 - 6:30pm

This week a woman in New Delhi was violently attacked because she decided to marry someone who did not belong to the same community. The chief of her village said that the young couple was breaking the rules and forced them to pay a fine of  27,000 rupees (it equals to $442 US.). The woman’s family did not pay the fine which lead to the chief ordering the villagers to “enjoy her”, as written in the article "Village Council in India Accused of Ordering Rape" published in the New York Times. She was raped multiple times in the chief’s hut.

Sadly, it is not the first time something like this happens in New Delhi, India. In December 2012, a case became known worldwide : a 23 year old woman was victim of a gang rape in a public bus.

Crime against women in India are frequent, there has been a few cases in which sexual violence was used. It is shocking how women live in such difficult conditions, and in fear. Some politicians believe that the victims are lying about their incident so they are not taken seriously. Therefore, women who have the courage to report their crime are not even considered sincerly. These acts raised awareness and new laws, but nothing to improve clearly the safety of women in the country. Safety should not be based on gender, women should feel as safe as men everywhere they go.

The safety of women in India needs to be improved. People around the world need to know what is happening there and raise awareness around them. Also, laws need to be enforced  in order to change the situation. A petition, a protestation, anything to make sure everyone is aware of the problem to change the destiny of women in New Delhi. We need to help because safety is essential to ones life. 


I agree with you when you say that laws need to be enforced in India (and everywhere else in the world). Also, by mentioning another case of sexual violence, it helps support your statements. Last semester, I had Gender and Knowledge as a course and it made me realize how much gender inequalities are present in our world. In India, sexism and misogyny are still strongly present. Something definitely needs to be done! You should check out this article: The author provides excerpts of a letter that a young Indian woman wrote. It gives a good insight about what is going on in India!

I think this is a very important subject to raise awareness about. Although safety can be an issue in every part of the world India proves to have a much more profound problem at hand. Women should in no circumstances have to feel scared to ride a public bus. For me these occurrences seem so unbelievable and outrageous to be happening in our current age. The complete violation of not only laws but of freedom is incomprehensible. I definitely believe, like what has been stated, that the enforcement of laws will only occur with pressure. This pressure needs to come from not only India but the world. Protests from men and women are necessary to turn this issue in India into a world issue that must be changed.

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