Every Country Has Their Own Limits.

by JL on February 6, 2014 - 5:58pm

      Chikako Kashiwazaki from Keio University wrote the article “Japanese immigration Policy: Responding to Conflicting Pressures”, November 26, to explain the reason why Japan started limiting the amount of immigration. In 1990, the amount of immigrants was around 3.5 million people. In 2000, the amount went up to 5.27 million and by 2005, the amount went up again, to 7.45 million immigrants. Many immigrated for studies, others for employments. Among all these immigrants, some of them were migrants unauthorized or with questionable status. When the crime rate raised, the society claims that the immigrants are responsible for it. For the general public security, the government decides to put up a plan that makes it harder to immigrate in Japan. In other words, there will be a stricter examination on each immigrants and other measures. Japan’s strict immigration policies have received heavy criticism such as “racism”.  

     I find it wrong that people judge Japan’s for putting strict immigration policies. They might seem a bit racist and unfair, but they are there to protect the society living in Japan. It’s also a way to make the population of Japan feel safer and live more peacefully. Either way, Japan has the right the right to reduce the amount of immigrants, people from around the country shouldn’t judge them or criticize them for that. Japan is aiming to improve the daily lives of its citizens. We should try to improve our judgments and judge less other’s country actions since ours have so many problems yet to be solved

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