Elderlies and youth: How volunteering at the Mont Bruno United Church can contribute to society’s betterment

by tasiags on April 9, 2014 - 10:29pm

I will volunteer with the Mont Bruno United Church. The Mont Bruno United Church’s mission statement is “to be the hands and feet of Christ”, which means to act, perceive, and speak on God’s behalf. This is done by “promoting truth and unity”, by helping others in need, and by spreading Jesus’ story. The church has several community outreach programs in order to help those in need, such as the “leaf coin” program, which consists of giving your extra money that the church then sends to a different organization each month, as well as the “Lenten lunch”, which is held each year, where the church organizes a lunch and the money raised at the event goes to the World Development and Relief Mission and Service Fund. Moreover, its community services and charity work relate to its overall mission insofar as that helping others in need is one of the basic Christian beliefs (based on the Golden Rule, which consists of “doing onto other as you have them doing to you”).

The news story that inspired me to write about volunteering at the Mont Bruno United Church was my news summary about the alarming problematic with CHSLDs in Quebec. This news story struck me as it meant that several hundreds of elderlies in my society and community were suffering from neglect, discrimination, and abuse, which goes against one’s fundamental human rights.  I chose to volunteer at my local church because I believe that doing so will contribute to the betterment of my community. I believe that by volunteering with the Mont Bruno United Church I will physically be able to help elders losing their autonomy and thus, alleviate the neglect, discrimination, or abuse they might be living elsewhere.

I will most likely help with kitchen duties and yard work for the church and elders in the community. Helping with yard work for elders in the community will consist of going to elders’ houses that are unable to do such work. I have a particular skill in exterior landscaping and gardening; I am very creative and love doing manual work that demands physical force. Thus, by helping with yard work, my particular skill will be utilized. I will do my volunteering during the April Easter weekend, as well as the following weekends when the temperature will permit it.


I would like to commend you for your impending volunteer work at Mont Bruno United Church. I will be researching Mont Bruno in further detail and constructing a proposal as to how the church can enhance its impact on the community at large and achieve their goals.

I really like the idea of changing the aesthetics of the environment in order to better the overall community. I will be researching Mont Bruno and developing a proposal on the church and enhancing the community, also.

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