Driving Tragic Ending.

by JL on January 25, 2014 - 1:02pm

     According to the article Woman jailed over Norfolk car crash that killed partner's two daughters written by some committees from La Press Association on theguardian.com on Friday, January 24th, 2014, a woman, named Marie Easter, has been jailed for causing the death of two young girls by driving carelessly. According to Easter, she was avoiding an incoming car and swerved into a ditch. However, witnesses mentions that they did not see any other vehicles during that time. The two girls, aged seven and ten, passed away because they were not wearing seatbelts. They were planning to go to the cinema during the Christmas break and it turned into a tragedy. Two girls died, the father suffered from broken ribs while the son suffered from other wounds, such as cuts and bruises. Easter has been jailed for 15 months because it is the driver's responsibility to always ensure that other members in the car are wearing seatbelts. 

    In my opinion, this is a very sad story. It was suppose to be a fun entertaining night until the family's life has been turned upside down by one careless accident. I believe that Marie Easter did not want this to happen and no one in the family would have seen this coming. This little mistake while driving caused a big loss in the family. 

   Students at our age are starting to get their driver's license. Many of them will start carrying friends from school to home or from places to places. However, driving is such a scary experience, it has caused so many deaths from its creation until today. Even through, a lot of people still text and drive or do other dangerous things while driving with patients in the car. I find it extremely irresponsible since the people in the car trust the driver at a point where they can lose their lives anytime in the driver's car. Still, the driver decides that texting someone is more important and drive carelessly. Hence, a simple mistake made by the driver, or another driver passing by can enroll the death of so many innocent people. Sadly, after being repeated or told so many times, people still keep driving while texting and driving while being drunk. 

   I don't pity at all the crazy drivers who kills themselves by driving irresponsibly since they were always told to not drink and drive or text and drive.  

   I believe that informing people more occasionally of these terrible tragic accidents will one day change the mind of those careless drivers. As students who are driving, we should stop doing reckless things and be more careful in the roads in order to cause as less accidents or car crashes as possible. Some of them are totally unavoidable, but we should try our best to not do stupid things while driving.


For the article, feel free to go to http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/24/woman-jailed-crash-partner-daughters. 



Well summarized article and good analysis of the situation of careless driving. However, I believe that the other passengers should not trust the drivers with their lives. If they believe that the driver is careless or that he is not able to drive, they should take a cab or call their parents instead of going with him. My brother has been in a car accident and he will suffer the consequences of this accident for the rest of his life. The thing is that even though he wasn’t driving he got into the car of his friend who was drunk instead of taking a cab. He is still regretting this decision today.

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