Does Faith and Work Mix?

by reillymccambridge on February 9, 2014 - 6:24pm

According to Joshua Stewart more religious issues in the workplace have been coming up over the past couple months. Which leads people to ask, to what degree can faith be practiced while in the workplace? For example, a judge sided with a Sikh man rather than the car dealership that chose not to hire him because of the beard on his face. Another judge stated that any business owner has no right to lecture an employee, especially on the owner’s own religious customs and beliefs. Over the past 15 years religious issues in the workplace have doubled. This is partly due to the increasing number of immigrants and new religions in the workplace, and also the misinterpretation of these religions and their customs. Workers are stepping on each other’s toes without seeing the consequences of their actions. According to the article it is okay to practice our faith, even at work. However, it is wrong to push our faith upon others. Also stating that it is acceptable for workers to request days off for religious holidays among other things. Even if we are seeing a rising toll of religious disputes it is still only a fraction of the problems within the workplace nowadays.

Personally I think that the arrival of new religions in the workplace has frightened workers who aren’t accustom to diversity. Although it is easy to pick on people for not being accepting of other religions it is also understandable. Having never seen anything like this before it is understandable for them to be shocked. After a couple years the amount of religious disputes is bound to decrease due to workers getting used the variety of religions and cultures in the workplace. To speed up this process I suggest that workplaces hold events where people can get to know more about each other’s religions and culture. To help the workplace become a friendly environment we need to educate the employees in regards to religion and culture. This problem is very similar to what has been happening in Quebec, a Charter of Values has been proposed in order to stop these religious disputes from taking place by banning any religious wear, items etc. in the work place.

Original Article:

"WORKING: Faith At Work Is Dead?"

Joshua Stewart, GPB News, February 7, 2014