Do you ever text and walk?

by LP on January 26, 2014 - 6:15pm

Melissa Dahl, author of the article “Texters can’t walk in a straight line, study shows” published January 22, 2014 informs us of a new problem, texting and walking. A new study has shown that texting on your phone while walking actually changes someone demeanor, it causes people to walk slower and also making it harder to walk in a straight line. Some Australian researchers filmed 26 men walk while texting and once walking normally. It is shown that while texting the participants of the study had a harder time keeping up there normal pace and also walk straight. We’ve all seen a video on youtube of someone embarrassing themselves while texting and walking or at least heard of them, well this problem is the most embarrassing reasons for a visit to the ER. In 2010, more than 1 500 person came in the ER to be treated because of an incident including texting and walking. Trying to do two things at once is never a good idea, I know we all think we can do it but we actually end up concentrate on one instead of both. Researcher Dr. Beth Ebel shows in a study that people that text and walk in Seattle are most likely gonna spend more time in an intersection ans are less likely to look up while crossing a street. Cellphones are now part of our everyday lives but people should take the time needed to go to there destination without texting. This problem is similar ro texting and driving, why risk hurting or embarrassing yourself when you can wait till you reach your destination. If you are walking and you want to text someone take the 30 second to stop on the side of the sidewalk or you can even just wait, but do not text and walk, it can annoy the people behind you. 


I found your summary quite interesting and relatable, we all try to text and walk at the same time, yet we are not aware of the dangers that goes with our actions. I think it is good to finally see what texting and walking can cause. Plus, you are trying to get people to understand that a text can wait till you have arrived which is true! Your summary was generally really good, but there was some small typing mistakes, also, I think that separating your text in smaller paragraphs would make it even more easier to read! I found another articles about texting while walking and how it could be as dangerous as texting while driving! Here it is :

Great Article! It's a very refreshing article. Love that the subject affects our generation specifically! This article could interest you! It's a very interesting article. Enjoy!

I found your article to be well written and easy to connect to. Just about everyone has fallen victim of being stuck behind someone walking so dreadfully slow, just to find out that they had their eyes glued to a phone screen as you walk past them. Everyone has also seen the countless videos of people walking into poles because their focus was on their phone, and not the world in front of them. Some people, especially teenages are being injured and even killed because they are so focused on texting while they walk.

I am the first one to admit I am awful at texting and walking. I can barely walk in a straight line as it is let alone while I am texting. I feel like this can be dangerous because you can walk into different objects and even people. When I walk around campus I see everyone texting and walking. It has become a routine for people, walking with their head down and texting. This relates to modern day because cell phones are part of modern technology but people should be able to walk from point A to point B without having phone in hand. Also, getting stuck behind someone who is texting and walking is the worst, especially when I am in a hurry to get somewhere. Here is another article I found on texting and walking

This is definitely a very interesting finding that almost everybody can relate to, who ever felt the discomfort of nearly crashing in to someone or sth while staring at the phone. The question to ask would be if the solution to this would be to stop people from texting while walking or to invent safety measures to reduce the number of accidents. Changing peoples habits like this would be very difficult, so why don't invent something that reduces the risk of walking and texting. You could for example come up with a case that has an mirror attached or make use of the camera while walking. Creative minds could definitely come up with a clever solution...

Our group came up with a business model to fix this problem. Basically it is an Phone-Case combined with a mirror that allows the user to see through the camera while texting and see any obstacles that he might come across. They come in different colors and designs, priced around 20-30$. Feedback is welcome!

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