The discovery of a new specie

by LP on February 2, 2014 - 10:57am

In the article " Brazil dolphin is first new river species since 1918" posted on January 22, 201, Matt McGath informs us of a new specie. One of the rarest creatures in our world is the river dolphin. Three out of the 4 river dolphin can be found on the Red List, which means that they are seriously at risk of extinction. The first river dolphin since the end of World War One has been discovered by scientists in Brazil. They believe there is only about 1,000 of the new creature living in the basin of Araguaia river. By analyzing the DNA of the Araguaia river dolphin, scientist were able to confirm that this was indeed a new bread. The scientists also found a difference in the size of the new river dolphin and in the number of teeth. Scientist are concern of the well being of this river dolphin because of the human development. The Araguaia river has been affected by pollution because of agriculture activities and construction of hydroelectric dams. The fishermen also dislike the river dolphin because they eat a lot a fish and they tend to rob fishing nets, so people kill them. We need to raise awareness about these new species. These creatures that have just been discovered are at risk of extinction because of our actions. We need to get the word out to people about the lack of protection of theses mammals



something should be done to let those fishermen know that what they are doing is wrong and let them see the consequences. On the other hand I think that they won't care about this situation because fishing is how they can support their families, but maybe educating them about these types of problem can make them feel guilty when they kill another dolphin.

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