death to death on campus

by sophiaroseglt on January 25, 2014 - 9:10am


On Friday it was announced that a young man had died outside one of the on-campus student residence of the South Carolina University. The deceased of twenty years old was shot to death by what the authorities believe to be four suspects although they are still unclear of all the details and motives behind the murder.

The article does not go in much detail however it briefly highlights the psychological distress the students who attend South Carolina University, the school administrative, and their families are going through. It had me thinking how many more lives of the young, our friends and classmates, have to be taken away before we change the way we teach the value of a human life. We have all herd of events such as the Dawson college catastrophe here in Montreal or the most popular the Columbine High School Massacre, too much student blood has been shed. It is now unfortunately common for every major city to have its own school tragedy. Yes, I am aware the cause of the shooting is still unknown but the actions are non-negotiable. Murder is murder. And due to the constant change in media or social interactions as a society we have to adjust at the same rate as it does.

Basically I believe us, as individuals can help make the world a better place by being aware of real value of life and how terrible it truly is when one takes it away.

Please feel free to follow the link to the article in which we commemorate the memory of another victim of campus violence. 


I enjoy your title for it is very inviting and related to your news summary. I agree with your point of view on murder; "the actions are non-negotiable. Murder is murder.". I strongly believe that such crimes cannot be justified. Students as individuals may not be aware of the impact they can have on a schools community. It just takes one incident to scar and taint a school with a negative image. I believe that students should be more aware of the behavior they should have during school because evidently, school is a place for learning and shaping individuals so they can move forward in their lives. Programs, lectures, assignments or assemblies should focus more on a students well-being and appropriate behavior to prevent school massacres and unfortunate events from happening.

I agree with what you said about how school is school and how student need to make a clear distinction that in school it is a learning environment and not an a vengeful place where violence can be displayed.

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