Child's right

by LP on May 15, 2014 - 10:07am

Some children might have what we consider the perfect childhood, while others need to fight just to live one more minute. Some children need to fight against a disease that has no cure and others need to work, when they would be suppose to be at school,  just to get one meal a day. Children are never suppose to go through such things, I always believed that childhood is a moment where children are suppose to learn, play, be happy and not to worry about tomorrow. Child labour is something that can be stopped, for example Free the Children is an organization that fight for the right of children around the world. On the other hand, the journey of recovery from cancer is something we can stop, or at least not at the moment. I’ve seen the journey they must go through and no child should go through that. A child that must go through these treatment can’t be a child anymore, they are forced to act and understand things that half of the human population would not. Throughout the semester I did research about child rights in medicine but also the opportunity offered to make the process a bit less horrendous for the children. Through my research, I’ve discovered the process of music therapy. This is used to help with the process of chemotherapy and its side effect. During my volunteering at the Montreal Children’s Hospital I had the opportunity to distribute pizzas to all the children the in oncology centre that were receiving their treatment. During the volunteering I noticed that the children were very happy to get a pizza and created a distraction for a short period of time but it was nothing long term. I actually had the opportunity to ask the person that in in charge of all activities about the music therapy. The Montreal Children’s Hospital do not offer this therapy since it is not often heard about and new. I believe that the Montreal Children’s Hospital should offer this therapy to its patient, raise awareness about this specific process. This could provide a long run distraction and comfort. But I am very grateful for the opportunity with the hospital and having the experience with the children.




I had the honour to put a smile on 25 children In the Montreal Children's Hospital fighting with cancer. 




It's nice to hear that you're taking initiative and making a change in our community here in Montreal! I looked at civil rights over the course of the semester and it made me realize how lucky we have it here in the Western world. Music therapy sounds like a very interesting and just plain cool treatment. I'm a musician myself so I would support this therapy to the fullest! Good job in taking initiative and making a difference, good luck helping out the children in need on the 16th!!

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