Child Abuse in School

by Sarah B. on April 9, 2014 - 9:23pm

Child abuse is a topic that no one really wants to talk about and the victims do not always want to come out and revealed what had happened to them. In the article "Wave of sexual abuse allegation for Private Boy's School in Britain" published in The Gazette, Stephen Castle exposes a scandal related to child abuse in a Britain school. In this article, he explains that it is only years after the actual event that one of the former student revealed what had really happened. After the death of the teacher involved in the aggressions, the anonymous student was ready to face what had haunt him during all these years. During more than two years, a teacher had abused him regularly. Thinking about this event is very difficult for him. However, it is only by telling his story that he will be in peace with his past. The worst part of this scandal is that he was not the only one. Now, the anonymous student want the school to confront what had happened in the past and he also wants all the schools to act in order to prevent child abuse in their establishment. 


I agree one hundred percent that child abuse in schools should be more talked about and more known in order for it to be more actively prevented. Children are impressionable and fearful. They can be easily manipulated into not telling anyone about the abuse they suffer. By the time they reach adulthood, it becomes part of the past and an act they may be ashamed to talk about. In today’s society, people are so worried about making sure nothing they say will offend anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. Most of the time, hard topics, such as child abuse, are the types of things that will most definitely make people uncomfortable. There needs to come a point in time when it doesn’t matter and the lives and futures of these children become more important. I have 4 small cousins who are more like little sisters to me. The oldest one is seven years old and in second grade, and the second oldest is starting kindergarten in the fall. I would be furious if I ever found out that they were abused in a place that should be full of wonder, learning, and laughter – in a place that they should feel safe. This is an awesome post and a really difficult topic to bring up, but it should most definitely be more talked about in order to take more preventive steps. Great job!

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