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by JL on March 31, 2014 - 9:58am

   According to the article "How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives", by Douglas Stewart, published on May 30, 2008, cell phones has made our life much more convenient. Cell phones has brought many advantages to our daily living. For example, a family member could call home in order to mention  he won't be eating dinner home instead of going all the way back to his house. In other cases, a child could call their parents if he missed his bus. That way, family members are easier in touch with each other. Another pros would be that shopping is a lot more easier. When one forgets their shopping list, they won't have to go back all the way to their house to get it. Instead, they could use their cell phones to call home and have a family member read it to them. However, there's also disadvantages. One of the biggest cons of cell phone is that people talk less face to face since talking through the phone is easier. Moreover, everyone is using their phone whether their waiting for the bus or the trains. In the old days, people would talk to each other, even if they're strangers, and make more friends. 

   Cell phones have indeed completely changed our living style. Many things can be done on the phone that we couldn't have done years ago. I still remember when my Math teacher would say: "you won't always have a calculator on you, so you have to learn how to calculate this". Well, unfortunately for them, calculator applications are in almost everyone's phone, and most people carry their cell phones everywhere. It is true that cell phones had made our living a lot easier, but that doesn't mean we can forget how to do everything. A common thing that a lot of people ignore, is that if you always rely on your cell phones, you might forget the old methods you learnt. That's a problem because one day, if cell phones doesn't work anymore, and everyone forgot about the old methods, no one would be able to

teach it or learn it anymore. Therefore, it would be doomed. I believe that reminding people of this fact is a way to spread the word of not relying on the cell phones too much.

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Good summary. I think you go through the main benefits and disavantages of cell phones and make us interested in the article. I do think cell phones are very useful indeed but they have their flaws like everything else. They can allow you to contact everyone you know but they can also create distance between you and them. They allow you to calculate things but not to learn how to do it yourself. This article (http://aapnews.aappublications.org/content/35/4/20.1.extract) discusses the benefits of the cell phone in details and may allow you to better understand the issue.

Technology has become a controlling factor in our modern society. I enjoyed reading this post because it generally covers both the pros and cons of having a cell phone. I think almost everyone in the United States can relate to having some sort of cellular phone or iPod. In many ways, modern technology has made our lives easier and makes certain tasks more convenient. I am thankful for my cell phone because I can simply pick it up and dial any one I want to talk to them. Texting makes communicating much easier especially for quick conversations such as asking where your friends are sitting at dinner, or that you are going to be a few minutes late for something. On the flip side texting and other social media on cellular devices form a lack of sensitivity and sometimes people are misinterpreted through a text because there is a lack of body language and eye contact. I personally can relate to both sides of the spectrum with relation to cell phones. I love how I can call my friends or family so conveniently and how I can keep conversations going throughout the day by using texting or Facebook. But because the Internet and communication is so easily accessible I find myself on it too much to the point where it becomes a distraction. Face to face social skills I think have declined in many people because technology eliminates the need to be dependent on each other and distracts us from starting conversations with people we do not know.

I would have to agree with all the pros and cons that were listed with the Cell Phone. Now, with that said there is defiantly that were missing from that list that I really feel that need to be shared. For example pros: not only is it easier to talk with friends and family but it’s easier to see them too. Cell Phones these days are made to do “face chat” which shows the face of the person that they want to talk too. SO…yes people aren’t physically seeing each other like they used too but they’re not, NOT seeing them. Anyways another pro is that it helps any businessman with everyday task weather it is creating a “to do” list or making a calendar of the entire meeting he has to attend every week. The Cell Phone has changed the way humans these days live for the simplest of task such as talking with someone too some of the hardest tasks like asking SIRI how to tie a bow tie. The cons are something that our culture has to definitely keep there eyes on because if things keep progressing then no one is ever going to even the house. Personally I love the Cell Phone, it not only keeps me in touch with my family and what there doing and how there doing but as well as my friends, cause lets be honest that’s the whole point teenagers and kids wants phones theses days is too stay “connected” with social media and see how everyone is doing.

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