Canada’s Enlightening Depression Treatments

by gregpdesrosiers on January 30, 2014 - 8:55pm

The article “Canadian research teams lead charge in companion depression treatments” by Staff member Angela Mulholland, published on January 27, 2014, discusses four ideal therapies for treatment to people with mental depression. The four therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, walking in nature than urban settings, mindfulness meditation, and bipolar disorder self-management.


There has been improvements to depression treatments over the past few decades, but for most people with it, “their depression never fully lifts.” However, because patients are heavily seeking treatments to establish successful and better lives, innovative ways to treatment are suggested by several Canadian research teams. These have been conducted under study, and the results gave out plausible suggestions to how people with mental depression should be treated.


As the article particularly shows, this is how treatments to mental depression are to be improved: simply use therapies that work. Therapies that work are those that have been approved by Canadian research teams as results of experiments. It’s not a sound argument, but rather an informal way to show plausible treatments that are effective to those with mental depression. The article can also be used directly to people with mental depression to show which therapies they should get, with some acceptable evidence why those therapies should be taken.


This is a personal opinion, but I think people with mental depression should not deny themselves anymore. They should take the option for getting treated using some effective therapies Canadian researchers and health experts suggest.

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