The Big "D"

by sophiaroseglt on April 17, 2014 - 5:34pm

In the article "Maison du Père offers an exit from the streets" by Charlie Fidelman, the organization the Maison du Père decided to create a new program that allows the homeless population of Montreal their Dignity  and life back together. The program allows homeless men that have been attending the shelter for more than three months the opportunity to have privacy. They do so by offering them to have a private room while they get their health and paper work issues fixed. Most people in the program have a physical health problem and nearly 43 per cent have a mental illness which may create a sympathetic outlook on there situation.The Maison du Père is the first in Montreal to offer such assistance to the people in need.  The article generates hope because it  also implies that the government of Quebec and of Montreal is trying to relieve the situation with new laws like the anti-homelessness policy and extra funding to homeless shelters like the PAS de la rue organism. And with initiative like this, the homeless population of Montreal is sure that one day they will have their Dignity back. 



Your article is very interesting I want to look into it further!

A Theory of Change

Theory of Change