Beyond the Limits of the Law: Corporate Crime and Law and Order

by VanessaPace on April 18, 2014 - 11:37am

Beyond the Limits of the Law: Corporate Crime and Law and Order written by John L. McMullan was published in 1996.The general subjects matter of this book is crime and law. This book talks about the problems   that come along with corporate crime and how the law deals with individuals who engage in this behaviour. I choose to read chapter 4 of this book which is titled “The Law, the State and the Control of Corporate Crime” because it’s the main center of that the book is all about. It interested me because prior to reading this I have read news articles about corporate crime, this book helped my understanding of the whole issue. I have a general interest linked to this book because I study in the field of Criminology which is all about crime and law, so I enjoy subjects of the same matter. Specific information from this book that will help me move towards completing my volunteer work is that it explains a guilty mind (mens rea) and criminal intent of a criminal that commits a corporate crime. This helps me understand the difference between someone who knows they are doing something wrong as appose to someone who doesn’t know they are committing a crime. Guilty mind means (men rea) that a person is aware that what they are doing is wrongful and is part of a crime. This is viewed as one of the necessary elements of some crimes. This book also talks about the charter of rights and how it works. This will help me proceed in my volunteer work because with this knowledge of corporate crime and how the law asses to deal and prevent it is relevant and important.

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