Beer and Wine: Now available at Starbucks

by Kiss on April 17, 2014 - 5:53pm

Ask any average student what is essential for his or hers survival during exam season and its most likely the first answer will be coffee. A great number of students, myself including, go to Starbucks in the evening to get a soothing atmosphere and fuel to prevent us from falling asleep in our notes. However this study heaven might soon disappear with the introduction of beer and wine to be served in the evening at an increasing number of Starbucks across North America.

This change started small in Seattle cafes in 2010 but is now expecting an increase of the number of beer and wine serving restaurants. Interesting for some it’s still an inconvenience for students who will probably be annoyed by the bar-like atmosphere that will surely appear at this coffee chain. Although I admit this will most likely boost sale in the evening by bringing in new types of customers Starbucks the arrival of a loud and party like atmosphere will not be suitable for study. Aside the loss of sales in the afternoon Starbucks might not realize that it will lose a faithful chunk of student clientele who might find another chain more appealing to our student needs. 

Consumption of alcohol at a coffee shop is like to have negative consequences on the young since a coffee shop is open to all and not all will actually very the age of the customer. Alcohol is similar to sex since both sell very well and its presence in our society is nothing to be surprised of. What is dangerous is the facilitation of acess to alcholl though the means of banalisation. If the selling of alchol continues in coffee shop than what differenc in consequence will a child see in two drinks sold at the same place? They will have easier access to alcohol and might not comprehend the consequences of its consumption untill too late. Having bars and liquor stores which are adults only sets a clear line that this is a drink for adults not one comparable to a  Frapuchino in Starbucks. Hopefully that will not happen but I can't seem to shake the feeling that the new winning formula of starbuck will create problems that society shouldn't have to deal with because a company desired to make more money.




I find this article very interesting as I have never heard of a coffee shop selling beer and wine. When I think about it however it makes sense that a coffee company would want to do this because of the morning rush with coffee and night rush with alcohol. As a guy who drinks both alcohol and coffee I do go two different places for both, Tim Horton’s in the morning and a local bar in the evening. I can see how one place that sells both may attract customers and bring in more money.
However, I see you side very clearly. As a student who uses the coffee shop to study at night due to its atmosphere that it has created I would not want beer or wine being served either. Starbucks especially has created a student atmosphere and no matter where in the county you go each Starbucks seems to have that same social feeling when you walk in the door. That feeling is not a loud obnoxious drinking place. I completely agree with your feelings and can imagine your frustration however I can see how Starbucks would see this as a business opportunity as well and I think it would bring many changes to the restaurants atmosphere and customers.

I found this article to be very interesting. I had no idea that Starbucks was beginning to sell beer and wine. I believe that this is a bad idea for the same reasons that you do. I know many different students who go there to get work done. If Starbucks turns into a bar scene, even if alcohol is just served in the evening, a lot of business will be lost. Students go there for a quiet atmosphere and a coffee-shop feel to get work done, not to block out the noise of drunken conversation. I also like that you consider the effect on the young customers. It would be confusing to see both coffee and alcohol served. It would be better to have a separate place for drinking because children would soon associate drinking coffee to be as casual as drinking beers on a weeknight. Overall, great points and interesting article.

Cafes like Starbucks are great places to relax with friends, study, or work on a project. The idea of alcohol being served at these cafes seems crazy. I myself go to Starbucks almost every week to do my homework in a relaxing environment. What stuck out to me in your article is where you stated that the introduction of alcohol would cause a loss in the amount of students who consistently go to these cafes and how the introduction of alcohol would provide negative consequences for children. These statements stuck out to me because I agree that the bar-like atmosphere would create a loud environment not suitable to students who would like to sit down and study or do a project with friends. Also the creation of this bar-like atmosphere would provide easy access to alcohol for children under the age limit. My experience of going to Starbucks almost every week in the relaxing environment makes me feel that if alcohol was being served, I would not want to go there anymore because I go there to do homework. Also, many high school students follow in my path and go to cafes like Starbucks to study with friends and do homework. The thought of alcohol being easily accessible to young children is crazy. I agree with your statement that having liquor stores and actual bars that require you to be the legal age provide the sense that alcohol is an adult drink. Cafes should take a step back and think about the negative consequences that can come out of serving alcohol in an environment where many young children attend.

As a coffee-obsessed caffeine addict, I can see how serving alcohol at Starbucks could tarnish their reputation among college students who use the coffee shop as a place to study at night. I am wondering though, if the locations that are already serving alcohol have run into any problems with this. Maybe they don’t have a loud bar atmosphere. Perhaps, the locations are more of a laid back and mellow wine bar due to the type of people they attract. I don’t see why people who usually go to the bar would suddenly switch to buying their alcohol at a Starbucks, unless they are a regular customer of Starbucks coffee as well. I can see how serving alcohol here is a problem in general though because sometimes people want to buy a beverage without alcohol being part of the picture. Also, many younger kids are drinking coffee these days and could see the presence of alcohol in their coffee shop as a way of condoning alcohol use, and then not see it as a problem if they drank. Personally, I would prefer it if I could continue buying my coffee at night and studying with out having to deal with alcoholic options, but I would be interested to see how the locations currently serving are doing.

This is interesting to me because I have never heard of this being done. I can understand where Starbucks is coming from; from a financial stand point because they are obviously just trying to make more money. However, does that mean that they have to sell alcohol? I think Starbucks selling alcohol will completely ruin the atmosphere that people expect when they go to a coffee shop and especially when they go to a Starbucks. I also think this is kind of disappointing because Starbucks was a place where really anyone of any age could go and just relax and study or quietly chat with friends. With the selling of alcohol this will change the type of customer that will now go to a Starbucks and therefore change the type of atmosphere, which in turn could change its image. In my opinion I think this could hurt Starbucks instead of help them depending on how they go about integrating this type of sale. I think it will be interesting to see how everything turns out for Starbucks.

As someone who faithfully goes to Starbucks at least twice a day, it kind of annoys me that they are starting or thinking about starting to serve alcohol in their stores. To me, it does not even make sense that starbucks would start to do that. It is clear and obvious that Starbucks makes more than enough money and I don't think that this will help them, in fact I believe it might actually hurt Starbucks and cause them to lose a lot of customers. I believe that serving alcohol would be too risky for teenagers who go in to get a cup of coffee and for everyone else who is twenty one years old. Instead of thinking of crazy outlandish ways to make money, I think that Starbucks should open new stores, especially in college towns to make money because there is not a Starbucks in about a 15 mile radius from my current college campus. I do not like the idea at all of Starbucks starting to serve alcohol and if this is the case at my local starbucks, I may have to get my coffee elsewhere. Your article brought up many good points and I completely agree with what you had to say!

This is a very interesting topic that I have not heard of yet…alcohol at a coffee shop? This seems a bit absurd to me. I do not see why they would feel the need to sell alcohol at a coffee shop to make more money. If I were an entrepreneur I would think they next step to making more money at a business like Starbucks would be to make sandwiches or something? I agree with the author of this article, they do not realize how much business they will be losing in the college student section for those who are underage and cannot purchase alcohol.
In my point of view Starbucks would lose some of my business because I am one to go at night and use the quiet environment to get my studies done with a nice non-alcoholic drink. If there were to be more of a bar atmosphere there is no way any college student trying to study would go there. I also agree with the fact that alcohol is supposed to be sold to only adults of age and in places where only adults can go. You wouldn’t take your child to a bar to get a smoothie so why would you take your child to Starbucks if they started selling alcohol?

I found this article extremely interesting because I had never heard of a Starbucks serving alcohol. As a caffeine addict and lover of beer and wine this instantly sounded glorious to me, but after reading your post I have rethought my initial reaction. Starbucks is a great place for students to get work done other than the library and has a great study atmosphere. It is hard to find places outside of a library that have this atmosphere and changing the demographic at these locations will nearly extinct such environments. Few locations are lacking in bars, but quality cafes with free wifi and functional work spaces are in high demand. Starbucks should stick to coffee beans and leave the barely and grapes to someone else.

I actually see this as a great idea from Starbucks. When finals roll around the one thing that keeps me up while I am studying is coffee. But, after a long night of studying it is always nice to get a reward of either a beer or a nice glass of wine. Alcoholic beverages tend to relax people; it makes them less tense and less stressed out. So being able to reward yourself for working that hard in one night would be a great feeling. You can also do it without having to relocate yourself to the bar scene, which most of us know can be pretty hectic. The only potential issue with this, is that Starbucks could turn into a bar scene and people there who are trying to study would be distracted and not get anything done. In my family, we enjoy being able to sit down and have a glass of wine at night and nice discussions. I am particularly close with my mother and relaxing at night with her and enjoying a glass of wine is kind of a regular weekly thing. I believe that it helps us maintain the close relationship that we have.

Interesting reply thanks! I completely forgot that drinking is as much to calm down as it is to excite a party.

I really could not resist looking at this article. The fact that any coffee shop that is known for their good studying atmosphere would want to become more bar oriented is absolutely beyond me. Not only will it bring a lesser demographic into Starbucks, I think that their everyday studying customers will drop the chain. This has potential to be a poor business decision in the long run and could really turn the massive coffee chain into a chain of common bars that serve coffee. It would truly be a shame if Starbucks was to convert to this culture. The whole idea of it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Starbucks is known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere where students go to study, relax, and meet up with friends or coworkers. The possibility of alcohol being served at Starbucks seems absurd. I grew up in New York City where there was a Starbuck’s on every corner. I remember going to Starbucks after S.A.T prep class on the weekends and reviewing my notes. I think that a bar- like environment would create a loud, chaotic atmosphere that would ruin Starbuck’s reputation. You mentioned that the availability of alcohol at Starbucks locations would make it accessible to young children. The idea of alcohol being so easily accessible is really irresponsible of Starbucks. Starbucks should reconsider the consequences and possible disasters that would take place if they were to turn a café into a bar-like atmosphere.

I feel as if there shouldn't be any issues with people and the fact that Starbucks will be selling alcohol. It is seen as a social place and in many cases with modern social interaction there is alcohol involved. And in addition to that there won't be any feelings like the necessity to get drunk because of the given location and past reputation. I feel as if this is a good step for them and it shouldn't be frowned upon by society or others. With the obvious concerns however there would need to be ID checks and such to make sure that minors aren't consuming it so there should be no worry there either.

This article drew me in by myself being an avid coffee drinker especially during the week of an exam. I couldn't imagine instead of a shot of French vanilla added to my coffee a shot of whiskey. I think Starbucks as a company would lose its hard working students who study there but gain more of a less dedicated student who's there to just to rowdy and drink alcohol. I drink beer and coffee and would enjoy maybe a shot of liquor with a cup of coffee. I don't use Starbucks to study in so it's different for me. I disagree with you thinking that Starbucks wouldn't be strict with ID's. They could lose their license to sell alcohol which would end the alcohol project prematurely. I enjoyed your article very much and I thought it was a very different article that sticks out to the eye more than the other articles. I would be really interested into how those Starbucks are doing in Seattle.

Starbucks should remain just a coffee place. I agree with you when you said that serving alcohol will attract a different type of audience. Starbucks is known for it's quiet atmosphere where a person could read a book, study, or hang out. If they start serving alcohol the customer will become more rowdy and change the entire feel of the cafe. This will make it seem more like a bar and less like a coffee place. It will defiantly change the type of customer that goes to Starbucks towards the evening too. A student looking for their caffeine fix and a place to study wont want to study at a bar type cafe. The will go to any other coffee chain. I feel that Starbucks has a type of monopoly on college students. Why is Starbucks going to try and fix something that isn't broken I feel that people wont want to buy alcohol at a Starbucks when they can go to a bar, and students wont want to go to a place that serves alcohol when studying. Serving alcohol could ruin Starbucks.

wow! This is a crazy idea I never thought i would hear of. I am really surprised starbucks known for coffee is now selling beer and wine. I can see this from a marketing standpoint it would be great. It would definitely bring in more people and there would be so many more products to sell and make tons of money off of it. However I feel like there might be a little bit of a culture clash within starbucks. For example a lot of college students like the quit environment, but once alcoholic beverages are being served it can easily turn into a rowdy crowd. This new idea will bring in a lot of changes for sure I guess only time will tell if they are going to be positive or negative.

I agree with your opinion on this matter because I think Starbucks will lose a number of its loyal clientele by shifting from a relaxing, quiet coffee shop to a more bar-like, rowdy environment with the addition of alcohol. Being a student myself, I've been to Starbucks a number of times for studying even as a non-coffee drinker due to the ideal studying conditions it provides. This article was rather shocking to me because I feel the addition of alcohol will change Starbucks whole identity. However, from a business standpoint I’m completely not surprised. Alcohol is a top seller, whether consumers are of age or not. Therefore, I see this shift as simply a money hungry decision. In a competitive economy businesses are always trying to compete and remain on the top, I believe this phenomenon has triggered Starbucks’ to make this transition. However, I think this already thriving company needs to take a further look at the negative implications that could come from this decision. One of the most prominent is shifting from a family oriented coffee shop to a strictly adult bar in the evenings. This leaves consumers like myself with the lingering question, is alcohol really the answer? I think not. Personally, this shift would turn me away from the franchise because I would no longer be able to rely on it as a peaceful, quiet place to study. However, time can only tell if Starbucks will risk the loss of loyal clientele just to become more competitive in the market place.

Stepping in Starbucks shoes, I feel that this is a very smart idea. A lot of costumers are college students who like to study as well as drink alcohol, so having beer and wine will increase sales. Being a college student I see the other side to it where as it could potentially get very annoying trying to do work in a bar-like atmosphere. My mom is in love with coffee and when I was younger we would always top at random coffee shops and the atmosphere was amazing, I feel like adding alcohol to start bucks will have an opposite atmosphere due to people being drunk.

Stepping in Starbucks shoes, I feel that this is a very smart idea. A lot of costumers are college students who like to study as well as drink alcohol, so having beer and wine will increase sales. Being a college student I see the other side to it where as it could potentially get very annoying trying to do work in a bar-like atmosphere. My mom is in love with coffee and when I was younger we would always top at random coffee shops and the atmosphere was amazing, I feel like adding alcohol to start bucks will have an opposite atmosphere due to people being drunk.

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