Are YOU Addicted to Internet or Gaming?

by catherinefournier on April 9, 2014 - 12:54am

Internet or gaming addictions are becoming more and more frequent these days. The growing presence of technology in our life has a huge effect on how much time we can spend online; smart phones, portable computers, tablets they facilitate our access and can lead to a serious addiction.

The article “Mental Health workers call for action to help youth overcome internet and gaming addictions” from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), written by Laura Beavis, treats and explains this new type of disease that seems to be increasing in Australia. This kind of addiction seems less serious than alcohol, gambling and cigarettes addiction because it is a lot more subtle. However, it needs to be treated as equal since it can really affect the life of a young person. Youth who develop this kind of addiction seem to become sleep deprived, and have more problems at school than regular students. Low self-esteem, stress and anxiety are usually associated with this addiction; and it can also be paired with another problem such as cyber bullying or gambling. There is a clear distinction between boys and girls in this new type of addiction; girls seem to be associated more clearly with a difficulty of leaving social media like Facebook, and boys on the other hand, are more addicted to video games.

This article reveals that nowadays more and more addict to internet or gaming need to turn to mental health services in order to end their addiction. This demonstrates how it is a truly serious addiction that requires help and resources to help people cope with it. Finally, the article proposes a clear solution to the formation of this addiction: prevention. They propose an educational program in which the parents should monitor and set boundaries about the use of internet (limit of time per day, etc.) in their household to assure the impossibility of such a disease to develop.


I agree with you on this topic for sure. The internet and gaming can become addicting. I myself like to play video games and use the internet. I see video games as a social thing. When I play video games, I play online with a bunch of my friends. But there are some people that play video games for hours at a time. Instead of going outside and getting exercise, people choose to stay inside and play video games. Along with video games, the internet is just as bad. In todays life there is so much to do on the internet that you could get lost on the internet for hours. Especially social media. This can lead into people talking to other people they might not know. There are a lot of pedophiles out there, so if you don’t use the internet smart, it can lead to bad things.

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