Another Shooting

by emilycao on January 25, 2014 - 7:13pm

On January 25th, three people were found dead by police officers at the Mall in Columbia following a shooting. According to the article “Three Killed in Shooting in Maryland Mall; Police Call the Deaths Isolated” by Jada F. Smith and Emma G. Fitzsimmons, published on January 25th, 2014 on the site of the New York Times, the Maryland shopping mall opened its doors at around 10 a.m. and at around 11:15 a.m., the Howard County 911 center received reports about the shooting. It appears that the shooting occurred in one place only, in the skateboarding and snowboarding store Zumiez. Two of the victims were employees at the store and the third one is believed to be the attacker since a shotgun and ammunition was found near the man and ammunition was found on him. The attack also made five other people injured. According to a shopper and a worker at the mall, more than five shots were heard. People ran out or hid under tables and inside stores after hearing about a man being armed and at 4 p.m., the mall had finally been cleared out.


We are just at the start of 2014 and articles about a shooting already appear in our news feed. Mass shootings are not uncommon and we hear about it occasionally. It is a problem that people in the United States have such an easy access to guns. This sensitive topic has been discussed many times before and arguments for both sides can be heard. However, for those who are against the right to own arms, it is possible to pressure the U.S. government to reinforce gun laws by starting petitions, for example. If it can help lower the number of shootings, why not do something about it?


I really like your news summary. This is definitely something we hear a lot about in the United States. I absolutely agree that something must be done regarding the laws and the reinforcement of the gun laws. It is not the first time we hear about shooting in the United States. It is one of the most popular place where we continuously hear about murders, shootings, rapes and etc. The following link relates to another shooting that happened in the South Carolina State University, in the Southeastern United States. It just keeps happening, and something needs to be done in order to save lives.

This link may interest you. Once again, great post.

This is a great news summary of the NY Times article. You identified the key elements and acknowledged the huge problematic regarding mass shootings. Your resume is clear and concise. While doing research, I found a CNN article,, that offers possible solutions to fix the problem. Although it provides 10 solutions for mass shootings in schools, I think that you may find some insightful solutions that could be applied to mass shootings in general, such as strengthening gun laws, keeping gun regulations the same, cutting down violence in the media, improving and focusing on mental health care, etc. It is true that these solutions are perhaps too utopian, but I believe that they could bring about certain reforms and should be considered.

I agree with this article that something needs to be done very soon about the gun laws. The government should crack down on people with illegal guns and have strict background checks on people who wish to purchase a gun. If a person with a mental illness or criminal background tries to purchase a gun they should immediately be turned down. People who own guns in their homes should be required to take gun safety courses as well as everyone living in that home. Parents should have a safe spot where the gun is hidden from children.

I agree, it is sad that people have such easy access to weapons in this country. We are not safe anywhere, there is always some disturbing news about people killing each other, a shooting in schools, temples and now in malls. I feel as if no matter where we go, it is so unsafe. We step out of the house to go shopping or to go to work, but we have no idea whether we will be back home or not. We need to step up and get the government to restrict giving out weapons to people.

Nice job summarizing the news article. You kept the facts concise yet you were informative when trying not to leave any of the major details out of the story. I find this news story to be important because I am interested in a career in law enforcement and ultimately want to understand what generates the violent behavior in individuals to act in such irrational ways. I think it is sad that the American culture is normalizing death and shootings and do not always realize the severity of tragic events like this. Many people are affected when shootings happen and it is important to address the consequences that occur. You do raise some good suggestions about the idea of harsher gun laws being put in place in order to decrease gun violence. However, I do not think that stricter gun laws would help out with shootings like these. I just obtained my pistol permit one month ago and the process is very tedious in order to receive the permit. In most counties in New York, there is a three to six month waiting period along with plenty of paperwork and background questionnaires that have to be filled out. If the government decides to try and make this process more difficult, I do not think that it ultimately would have a great effect upon gun violence. If someone wants a gun, there is a plethora of ways to get a gun illegally. Even if pistols were banned permanently, people could buy them off of the black-market. There is no way to regulate what is being purchased illegally away from the government’s control. Gun education should always be provided to individuals, and I believe in restorative justice. If an individual would like to carry a pistol concealed, they have to take a course that is extensive.

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