Alarming problematic with CHSLDs

by tasiags on January 26, 2014 - 7:00pm

            Published on January 21, 2014, the article “ ‘Time for action’ on living conditions in CHSLDs” by Charlie Fidelman addresses the issue of no changes being made in CHSLDs following many complaints, charges, and public hearings.

            “Public hearings on the living conditions in public-sector nursing homes” took place January 21, 2014 in Quebec City and are scheduled to continue into February. However, Paul Brunet, president of the Conseil pour la protection des malades, fears that no action will take place, as several issues being raised to the commission have already been documented. The commission started following investigations into accusations of abuse of seniors at a St-Lambert long-term-car centre. Two former patient attendants face criminal charges. Additionally, the commission will investigate wait-lists and long-term placements in order to minimize the effects of moving seniors of from one nursing home to another. Another issue has been raised as the Quebec Health Department is projecting to close almost 500 beds in long-term care while close to 4,000 Quebec seniors are still waiting for placement.

            Lyne Parent, president of the AQRP, claims that the government shouldn’t be removing places from CHSLDs, but instead should ensure adequate human resources to take care of those already admitted with more demanding needs. On the other hand, Brunet asserts that action and implementations of several measures are needed to make living conditions more human in CHSLDs, as they are supposed to offer seniors a comfortable, safe, and homelike atmosphere.

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