Afghanistan: a stunted country

by Lou.D. on January 26, 2014 - 3:51pm

Since the removal of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, about 55% of the child population over there is suffering from a serious case of malnutrition. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world; people over there are making usually 2 or 3 dollars a day, so the task of feeding their children becomes a very difficult task. The result of this is malnutrition, which causes major issues with child development and later on the fate of the country.
The lack of food at an early age tends to stunt the development of children. This usually causes damage to the minds and the bodies to the children. After the age of 2, the damage tends to be irreversible, making later on those stunted children into stunted adults. The parents are often also malnourished, so even before childbirth the baby is not getting all the nutrients it needs, stunting its development before it is even born.
This may be a disaster for the country. Already, Afghanistan’s economy is at a low and this underdeveloped generation may cause the end of the country. Billions of dollars have been placed into health, education and other important areas, but there may have been too much damage to the country’s population already, making all this money useless.
What the government, or humanitarian organizations, should do to help this country and its population is placing more money into food and getting that food where it is needed instead of other major needs the country needs, which can be dealt with later. The problem is people could exploit those services and keep all the food for themselves, as we have seen countless times throughout the world, but if we don’t try, this country is doomed and soon there will be nothing left to talk about.