Canada is Fatter than ever

by joseph.therriault on February 28, 2013 - 8:45am






Health is an issue that has been grabbing my attention for a while now; Health problems

have always been a problem in society but as the years go by humans are letting obesity become

a general health issue.  Obesity is being accepted as a problem that is similar to a disease.  I have

found two articles that I were particularly interesting to me, the first article I will be writing

about is found on the CTV news website and it talks about several topics form the differences of

obesity percentage there is for each province in Canada to the health problems that all of

Canada’s obese citizens risk of obtaining.  The second article I will be talking about is found on

the CBC news website and it talks about the obesity within children in Canada.


In a news article found on the CTV news website published by the Canadian press says

that Canada has broken its records on population obesity.  Carolyn Gotay from the school of

population and public health has said that depending on the region in Canada that one out of

four, to one out of three people in Canada are considered obese. This is extremely high for any

case and this gets me sick to see that this is happening not only on earth but in my own country. 

Canada has to fix its problem or else our younger generation of children will have a life

expectancy rate that will be significantly lower than the life expectancy rate that my generation

has. Are we eating too much or are we eating to unhealthy? I would say it’s a mix of both,

generally speaking no one really knows what foods react is a positive way to our bodies, we have

an opinion like chocolate will get us fat and carrots are good but nobody knows exactly what to

eat and when to eat it.  Society is blind towards what we are eating and most of us don’t really

want to know.


In an article found on the CBC news website it says that 31% of Kids in Canada are

overweight or obese, that is equal to 1.6 million Canadians.  What is the reason for child obesity

in Canada? Is it the fault of their parents or is it the food industry that has made fatty foods in

most of our meals? Well studies have shown that Canadians consume both more food/calories

every day and more fatty and unhealthy foods, also Canadians don’t consume enough of the

necessary nutrients and vitamins needs throughout there day.  Water has no calories and juice has

a lot of calories, if I child drinks 8 glasses of water throughout there day they will not gain

unnecessary weight but if the child drinks 8 juice boxes of five alive or any other juice they will

be gaining unnecessary weight, take that five alive juice box as an example, well one single juice

box has 100 calories well if the child consumes 8 boxes of that juice well that is 800 calories

consumed over juice, this is ridiculous because when my parents were young water wasn’t an un

chosen option to children it was the beverage that they would drink to satisfy their thirst.  The

government can step up and introduce many ways to inform our children how to eat better, I

believe that there should have a necessary course to take in elementary and high school that

teaches children the benefits of eating healthier and as well as how to eat healthier, if the

government introduced this to school the obesity rates for children in Canada will drop leading to

a much healthier country.


To conclude my thoughts are that the parents of Canadian children can and should step

up to help their children be healthier but the parents themselves don’t really know how to eat

healthier seeing that Canadian adults are even more obese than ever at the moment. The

government must do something to save our country from eating ourselves to death, introduce

nutrition courses in school and that can be the start of a healthier Canada. Now the real question

is, will the government actually present new ways to teaching there citizens the healthier way or

will they just watch us all eat our lives away?




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I love the way you covered this issue. Very well written and detailed.

This topic is extremely relevant as we hear more and more how Canada's obesity levels are higher than ever.

I found this article by CBC News that agrees with what you say and completes your argument perfectly. They give out specific percentages based on different provinces across Canada.

My article is closely related to yours as I look at the health care system in Canada. Take a look.

The subject of health in children is relaly important, because they are so young, it affects the rest of their lives, I wrote an article on caffeine consumption during pregnancy that can cause health problems in the child. Although those health problems aren't necessarily obesity, they are problems that can affect the health of the child for their whole lives.
Here's a link to my article, it references an article posted on CTV news last week.

I have enjoyed reading this article as I have also noticed an increasing amount of obesity in our society but I couldn't help but notice that you asking a question that you only half answered. It was "Is it the fault of their parents or is it the food industry that has made fatty foods in most of our meals". You only went on talking about how if adults ate better then so would their children and if the government implanted a course it could help to start eating healthier younger. Overall though, your essay had a nice flow and was easy to read and comprehend. Nice work.

I find the issue of obesity really disturbing. The article on CBC explains that children consume too much calories and not enough nutrients and vitamins in a regular day. The issue, however, is not only the way children eat, but rather a mix of the amount of energy they intake and what they spend. In effect, they do have unhealthy eating habits, but the reduction of physical activities for the benefit of electronic devices is a huge problem. I would propose to lower the cost of healthy food, increase the cost of fast food and finally increase the school hours devoted to physical activities.

A good fitness program requires a healthy lifestyle, focus, and a good plan. A fitness program and a healthy diet are a successful recipe for a healthier life. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! Thanks

Lakewood fitness

Great article. It is by writing articles like these that the word will get around and hopefully actions will be taken to deal with this growing problem. I believe that there are many factors to why children these days are more obese than they were 20 years ago: A) Try going down a busy street without seeing some sort of restaurant or fast food outlet - They are everywhere! B) It is common that both parents work now, therefore there is no longer one parent that stays home and has time to cook a nutritious meal, so they simply put together a quick meal, order fast food or go to the restaurants C) Children are ill informed about the importance of eating right. I believe that PhysEd classes should be restructured as to put more emphasis on the importance of eating right and staying active, while informing students how to do so and what resources are available. Also I think PhysEd should be a class that takes place three time a week to force children to stay active.

I believe you have chosen a really good subject to write on, but there more is more than meets the eye on obesity in a country. As a country that is following American culture, fast-food restaurant are every where and are not costly. In the past decades, food has been getting more accessible in grocery stores but has been also increasing in cost. This is where the problem with obesity occurs; people who want to eat right have to disburse more money and spending more is something that everyone hates.

A second point I would like to address is the one on nutrition classes. I believe it is important to educate the population on what they are eating but also to put a big emphasis on physical education.  The population is not only eating bad, but exercising less!

To conclude, the government should be adding more physical education classes in their school instead of doing the opposite, to educate students on what they are putting in their body and what they should be eating.

I strongly agree with the fact that obesity is accepted to easily as a disease. Many factors contribute to this assumption.  As you explained, the combination of eating in large quantities and the choice of unhealthy foods over healthy options contributes to the major rise of obesity.  As a society, that is always on the go we decide to prioritize other things.  The lack of interest and knowledge are problematic as well.  Healthy eating habits are part of a healthy living lifestyle and are acquired at a young age.   The education system should support children to make healthier choices by having nutrition classes.  Also,   vending machines offering healthy food such as fruits and yogurts should definitely replace the junk food machines in all school’s cafeteria.  This would help children to adopt healthier habits and for sure decrease the obesity epidemic.    Parents should be more involved and give the example to their kids.  At home, why not cook a healthy meal more often to replace junk food?  To help the situation the government should provide more education and prioritize health.   Health is vital to our every day functioning.  As a society, we should question ourselves about the lack of action to promote the positive impacts of adopting healthier habits.  We should consider making small changes in order to maintain them leading to long term benefits. The question remains even if we have better resources will we be willing to put the efforts to give up some of our habits?



These are the three elements in our North American way of life that makes it very hard for us to eat right and prevent obesity. If one wants to eat at a low cost, he sure can. But then, some weight complications are likely to happen, and different health complications will soon follow, and the person will be faced with the choice of either choosing to change its habits and eat properly; but not be able to buy the medicine he needs, or buy the medicine he needs but keep eating unhealthy foods. This is the point at which many Americans will be faced with a decision to make because their budgets are often very tight.

I found your alternative ideas on reducing obesity rate in Canada very interesting!  Sometimes it is hard for parents to teach their children how to properly eat depending on the parent's time or money. To be honest, I have always thought that it is the parent's responsibility to prevent their child from getting obese, but I actually found an article that suggest the contrairy. Persuading the canadian government is one big step to reduce child obesity, and according to CTV 's staff, they believe that another problem targeting child obseity is marketing bad foods towards children like the free toys that junk food restaurant offers to children. I think it can gives you great idea that can enhance your original thoughts on fighting child obesity. I hope you enjoy that article as much as I enjoyed yours!


I am happy that someone has finally dressed the issue about the topic of obesity in Canada. All over the media our society only hears about the obesity rate in the United States. Most Canadians are not even aware that it is an ongoing problem in our country.  For instance me , I had no clue it was even a problem. I believe the media should take more of a stand to get the message across because it is important for people to realize that it is a problem so it can be fixed. I also believe that parents should try to keep as much unhealthy foods away from their young children. If a younger child is consgtantly eating unhealthy foods when they become adults they will continue that trend and make unhealthy food choices. 

An article that I found that has a direct link to your topic is anj article i found In the Montreal Gazette by Sheryl Unbelacker( the canadian press). This article explains that one third to one fourth of Canadians are over weight, which is at its highest point in history. This article is interesting because it furthered my knowledge in understand the problem our country is having.  It is also in direct correlation to your article that I also found very interesting



I fount this article really interesting! Being someone who eats a lot and that is really tempted by food surrounding me which is most of the time, fast-food and unhealthy food, I think that is truly the mix of both that makes our generation more obese. I think it is really hard to try to avoid all of this and only eat healthy.

I found an article really interesting and relevant to the subject.

As the author talks about the marketing surrounding fast-food she says that “Whenever you go grocery shopping, or into your kitchen, you're in a war zone. You have to really be prepared before you go in, [...] I ate to the point it hurt to move. And I would just lie in my bed and wish I was dead(CROWE)”.

It may seems intense but by reading the articles you really understand that all the marketing surrounding the food industry does affect lots of people and can create both physical and mental diseases related to food and eating.

(Food cravings engineered by industry, How Big Food keeps us eating through a combination of science and marketing, By Kelly Crowe, CBC News Posted: Mar 6, 2013 11:43 AM ET )

As we all know, obesity rates are getting higher as the years pass. Indeed, Canada’s youth population is suffering way more of overweight problems. In many cases, this can affect severely one’s health and capacity to do some activities, such as sports.
Many campaigns have been done all over the country to open young citizens to the benefits of sport and the harm that junk food cause to them. However, a lot of schools keep serving fast food to their students. Kids may not realize the harm they are doing to themselves, thinking that they would rather eat a tasty and greasy hot dog, than a nutritional and healthy salad.
Educational institutions are not only responsible to teach their students what is on the educational program: They are also responsible to take care of their students during their passage in their institutions. To begin to do so, they should provide them with healthy food to assure youth to eat well at school.

Child obesity is a product of parents having unhealthy eating and exercise habits. I strongly agree with having massive healthy eating awareness campaigns to teach the younger generations about healthy eating. The fact that there is a balance of food to eat and exercise to do every day to reach a caloric evenness (burning as many calories as we eat) needs to be known by everyone. I do not think that the older generation that is obese can be changed very much (since huge weight loss is extremely hard to do) and it is easier to teach kids about this so they never have to deal with obesity in the first place.