Summary of the article "Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer"

by jujube323 on October 29, 2017 - 9:07pm

I just read the article named “Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer” written by Meagan Phelan in March 23, 2017. This article was about scientists discovering that cancers do not have only environment and heredity as principal sources, but also random errors created in the body itself. These errors, called “R” mutations, have been localized into replications of DNA. Before that discovery, researchers haven’t given a big attention to the mutations, but now that this case is raised, people are more conscious. The two researchers that lifted this new information are hoping new researchers will contribute and associate with them. They said new methods to detect all cancer earlier are really in need. The stranger fact is that most of the people contracting cancer respects all the basic rules of staying healthy, exercising and not smoking. The research is principally to comfort everybody by understanding the roots of the cancer. But the study wasn’t found well by everyone. People said that the study wasn’t englobing all sort of cancer so it wasn’t successful. Then, researchers picked full of new information to finally conclude it is actually true that two-thirds of all causes are from random mutations errors.

I think this research is part of a big new change in the study of cancers. This will clearly help for future observations. Personally, I believe those research are really important, as much for people touched by cancer as for people not reached by it, because it raises awareness about cancer sources. This article was well made, the important information written with understandable words, for the majority, and the concept was following all along. It’s good that the article is split by experimentation or by quotation of the researchers, this help the following when reading. Researchers are so important in life, they discover roots of science and they will change the world with their finds. I’m very thankful of their work, the science and the humanity needs them.



J'ai beaucoup aimé ton texte et ton sujet. Tu as donné beaucoup de détails et information. Par exemple, j'ai aimé quant tu as parlé de toutes les choses qu'on peut faire pour rester en santé. Comme de ne pas fumer.

Ta expliqué beaucoup de bon chose sur le cancer. La chose que vous devriez travailler est la façon tu donné tue l'information

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