Finding the Begginning of Man is At Our Finger Tips

by taytorchip on May 9, 2017 - 3:15pm

The article, “Spatial Assessment of Wolf-Dog Hybridization in a Single Breeding Period”, it talks about how studies on wolf-dog hybrids is becoming larger and larger. Saying how it is hard to do large sample data collecting due to the wide range of the packs. Because wolves and dogs share many traits it is hard for scientists to determine which genes to use to test DNA and separate the two. Because dogs and wolves have such similar characteristics, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a wolf, a dog, and a hybrid. Because they look so similar, these hybrids can move from town to town breeding with domestic dogs. The hybrids are also able to join wolf packs and continue breeding with wolves increasing the number of hybrids. Scientists are working out new ways of collecting data to trace the genes of the hybrids back generations to see where they originated from.

I think this article is relevant because if we can trace back the genes of dogs and wolves, we can find where certain diseases or disorders came from. It will also help with over breeding over certain dogs for desired traits. If we can learn to trace back the genes in wolf-dog hybridizations, this could lead to tracing back genes from when human evolved and cross breed with our ancestors. Truly being able to trace the evolution of man back to the beginning.


It's not just wolves and dogs, but wolves and coyotes are known to mix in certain areas and create coy-wolves that have behaviors of both parent species. It's also fascinating to think that our ancestors may have hybridized with other species early on in their evolution (I mean, there is evidence that we did). In a sense, it brings up an interesting objection to the typical definition of a species.

the other interesting thing about the hybrids is that they are able to breed among themselves, as most hybrids tend to be sterile, like mules or ligers, but dog coyote and wolf hybrids can all breed true amongst themselves.

It's amazing to see new species that evolve every once on a while. This sort of reminds me about the case with ligers and tigons and how they are able to interbreed between themselves and new species are formed. This also tells me a little about human evolution. Maybe this is how humans have evolved; mating between hominids and some other types of species. Through natural selection, certain genes out compete others which lead to the formation of human beings.

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