Ontario Government cancels $3.8 billion in Green Energy; Sign of a Bright Future?

by aderoos on November 4, 2016 - 5:38pm

In a seemingly controversial move, the Ontario Government has canceled 3.8 billion dollars in their plan to further its investments in green energy, including solar, wind, and biofuel energy.  Since the Liberal Party introduced Long Term Energy Plan in 2013, there has been value conflict between the Liberals (party in power) and the Progressive Conservatives (opposition party) over the costs associated with the Liberal’s green energy initiatives. The news of the cancelation of 3.8 billion dollars in additional funds signifies the Liberal’s leaning more towards the Progressive Conservative’s (PC) values. Although both parties agree that in order to mitigate the effects of climate change, green energy will eventually need to be the primary source of energy; what they disagree on is the timing of incorperating the green energy. Patrick Brown, leader of the PC, argues “It was power that we didn’t need right now”, that Ontarians shouldn’t have to pay green energy now, while natural gas and other energy forms are still in use. The liberals disagree, they think investments into green energy must be made now, in order to have the infrastructure ready for Ontario to move to 100% green energy. This green energy investment results in a rise in price for consumers in Ontario, since the power it creates is mostly unused right now.

                Although Brown see’s this rise in price and the waste of green energy (I know, sounds weird right?) in Ontario as a negative, I think this cancelation is symbolic for Ontario’s energy sector. If there is this abundance of green energy already that the Liberal Government is willing to cancel 3.8 billion to save the pockets of Ontarians, they will be in great shape once natural gas is replaced. Ontario is already home to 42% of Canada’s green investments, and is said by cleanenergycanada.org to be “way out in front of its peers”. The Liberal’s reaction should be a sigh of relief for environmentalists, not a cry for a cancellation of spending to mitigate climate change. The Liberals have used regulatory tools to provide subsidies to the green energy sector, and ultimately feel that their interest in the Environment is not compromised with the economic benefits of this cancelation. Ontario has enough money committed to green energy, they just need to wait a few years to utilize it. To solve this wicked problem of climate change, sacrificing the interest of short term economics will sometimes be the inevitable outcome to achieve the greenhouse gas reductions that are necessary. But in this case, the Liberal’s believe Ontario has sacrificed enough so far.   







Thank you for sharing a fantastic news. It seems you disagree with the Ontario Govement's decision. Personally, I also disagree with this decision. The world we are living right now is more and more out of resources because of human's exploitable activities. Climate change is real and it is an extremely urgent issue that human need to come up a solution asap. By that way, we can save for our next generation a better future.

Green energy is a fantastic thing. When I first read your title I thought that this was an incredibly bad thing... $3.8 billion taken away from the green energy funds? But then when I read "I think this cancellation is symbolic for Ontario’s energy sector. If there is this abundance of green energy already that the Liberal Government is willing to cancel 3.8 billion to save the pockets of Ontarians" I saw what it meant. It means that Ontario is already gone incredibly far with the green energy they have already. 42% of Canada's green investments? That is nothing short of amazing. Great post, loved reading it.

The title of your article definitely caught my eye. It sounds controversial, but its just reducing costs for people because its unnecessary energy.

I definitely was interested after reading the title of your article. The fact that Ontario is home to 42% of Canada's green investments is awesome. I just question if making cut backs on green energy investments is the right thing to do (since it is an alternative to our present day limited resources)?