Green Spaces

by ManreetSahota on November 25, 2016 - 3:30pm

Imagine a city where you could step out and be surrounded by acres and acres of green space and not cement buildings everywhere. When people choose to move downtown green space is never their main concern but it does sound nice to everyone.  Corktown Commons is a community green space created Downtown Toronto to add ecological, economic and social value to the city and community. It is 18 acres of land along Toronto’s waterfront that provides numerous services to the community and environment.   Jon Scott discusses the planning process, along with the implementation and the benefits of this project in his article titled, “A downtown Toronto green space revamps a brownfield into a vibrant public place that gives back to the environment”. This space provides splash pads, multi-use communal space re-naturalized with woodlands, meadows and aquatic plants. “When created the main feature of this site was to provide flood control infrastructure.  To protect the area, a four-meter-tall, 750-metre-long earthen land-form was constructed out of compacted clay that reshapes the river’s floodplain, preventing excess water from traversing towards the Canary District.” (Jon Scott) In addition to this, the water used in the splash pad is UV-filtered and combined with a park-wide underground drainage system that collects storm water.

As per this summary, this green space fits all the criteria for parks Canada. It provides all the social benefits of a park including educational, recreational, economic, spiritual, and cultural, health and scientific knowledge. Along with providing all the ecological benefits including; maintaining diversity, maintaining environmental processes, and resilience in case of rapid environmental change. The different features of this park all serve a specific function for the social and ecological roles that this green space should. Even though this is not a national park, it is still maintained and controlled as one to increase sustainability and efficiency of it. This space is built around the concept of visitors and community involvement. It is a space for community members to come out and use for many different reasons. Increasing community involvement allows for better management of the area and better education on the issues related to the problem and what is being done to solve them. Overall this article does a great job at explaining the changes that were made to the area for the betterment of the society and the environment. It discusses what has been done and the overall success of it, in addition to how this will be maintained over the years to come.



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